The Gig.


1. The Entrance.

As me and Mel walked through the gates and into the crowd, I realised how squashed this was going to be. I already felt stuffy and the concert hadn't even started. People were swarming to get to the front, to get a few metres closer to those bands that they had obsessed over for the past year or two.

The difference between me and the humans around me was that I knew was going to happen tonight. I knew that none of the earth-dwellers were going make it out through those gates. They would never see their families again, that they would die. Another thing I knew was that it wouldn't matter; there were too many earth-dwellers on the planet anyway so really we were all doing mother nature a favour. We were stopping over population and global warming so that we as the higher class of this world may live.

These people would die anyway, we were here just to speed up the process. Me and Mel were already eyeing up prey to join us in the undead. Many would die but the healthiest I would bite and they would become one of us. But at that point I realised I had to keep myself under control because this was the biggest, densely populated arena I had been to.

It was 31st October, this was a halloween gig. Many people had come dressed very steryotypically as vampires, were-wolves and witches; but little did they know that all of these beautiful creatures exsisted but we don't look like that. Vampires are not all pale with dark eyelids, were-wolves are not massive wolves with shirts and trousers on and witches are not green with warts on the end of their noses. Infact, I am a vampire and I'm quite tanned if I do say so myself. Mel's boyfriend is a werewolf and he actually turns into a wolf, the same size as a normal wolf and the same teeth as a wolf nothing massively scary infact he looks quite cuddly. And my bestfriend Mel is a witch, witches are beautiful you are very lucky in the supernatural world to be a witch because being stunning is how they catch a man.

In the world of the undead, witches partner a were-wolf and vampires find a human and bite them to become their partner. That vampire then go on to create vampires like earth-dwellers. The first act walked on stage, I looked at Mel and winked, she began to help me find a possible partner.



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