Is that you ?

so it's my second movella . it's about kelly meeting liam payne who cheats on her so she has 3 choices niall harry or to get back with liam ... with who will she stay ... read more to find out


1. the party

Abby's P.O.V :

i just woke up restless from all my excitement for tonight's party : prom. i couldn't wait . this year no one knows their dates they just have numbers and the boy/girl who has the same number will be together. i had number 18 . i brushed my teeth , put on my clothes , comb my hair , and head downstairs to find mu disgusting brother eating like a pig " jake you're disgusting u eat like a pig " " no i do not and besides don't you have prom tonight ? shouldn't you go shopping and leave me alone ? like go to your new closet it's at the fourth floor " jake said .   " i know big bro i'm not stupid "  " that's what you think but deep down you are stupid " i turned away and got into the elevator - i can't believe that our new house has an elevator . i chose my prom dress and got down to the second floor to my room and called ashley my bff. our phone convo : "hey ashley , come at my place and i'll give you a dress to wear from prom tonight and by the way what number do you have ? i have number 17 "

" i have number 18 and thx i'll come here in a minute " ashley is like a sister to me and she is my neighboor she has a crush on my bro . but he has a girlfriend . my thoughts were interrupted - like always - when the doorbell rings . " i'll get it " said jake . she got in and admired my house for 10 minutes so i slapped her awake . i got her a dress that matches her high heels .


i searched for number 17 but i couldn't find it so i kept searching when i bumped into a guy " i'm so sorry " he said " it's alright i was lost in my thoughts beacuse i couldn't find number 17 " i replied " you have number 17 too ? well that's akward "  " really ? " "no come one let's play truth or dare with those guys oh and by the way i'm liam payne and you have an amazing dress " he said "why thank you and i'm Abby " we got there when a kid asked me " truth or dare ?" so i said dare . " i dare you to kiss your matching number " i got slightly red just like a tomato so i got up and kissed him i felt butterflies in my stomach but then they snapped me out of my thoughts by screaming " WAKE UP LOVE BIRDS " so i slightly removed my lips from his and continued the night with him . at the end of the night he asked for my phone number and he gave his number i did the same . and we got drunk fell asleep on stage just like everyone else ...

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