Let me love you

A girl named Addison always gets bullied around in school. No one ever leaves her alone even her parents bullied her around the house. She accidently runs into Zayn Malik out of no where. Stay toned please xx .:)


5. Tonight ...

Harry's P.O.V.

I mean I know it was just a kiss from her but to me it was more than that. I just tryed to tell her that I loved her but all I wanted to do was kiss her sexy lips. But she kept backing away saying that she loved Zayn .

Zayn's P.O.V.

When they came in , Addison looked a little scared so I decided to comfort her.

Addison's P.O.V.

Okay , I had to admit , I was feeling very uncomfortable around Harry . So , Zayn came next to me and comforted me. Then Louis went. When he spinned the bottle , it landed on Liam. Haha , Aww one of there bromaces then Louis leaned in the Liam on the lips. It was so funny. Then Liam went , and it landed on Niall. Niall started to blush. It was too cute. But then they just kissed and got that over with. Zayn spinned the bottle and landed on me lucklily. We went to the room since I was a girl then right when we closed the door , Zayn leans and kisses me . To me the kiss meant something to me. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored through my mouth. I joined in and he smiled while we kissed. So did I. Now thats the kiss I enjoyed tonight. "I love you Addie" Zayn said to me. "I love you too." I said and smiled. When we went downstairs , They were waiting patiently. "My turnnnn!" said Niall. He spinned the bottle and it landed on Zayn. I just had to see it. They just had a lil peck. Then , when the game was over we all went to sleep. "Zayn , Where do I sleep tonight?" I asked. "Well , you can sleep with me in my bed if thats okay with you." Zayn said. "Okay , that's fine." I said and smiled. Zayn grabbed my hand and guided me to his room.
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