Let me love you

A girl named Addison always gets bullied around in school. No one ever leaves her alone even her parents bullied her around the house. She accidently runs into Zayn Malik out of no where. Stay toned please xx .:)


14. The horrible thing happens. :/

Addison's P.O.V.

When we were walking home hand in hand , my ex boyfriend comes out of no where and takes a gun out to shoot me. When he was about to shoot , Zayn pushed me out the way and told him to shoot him. My ex was about to shoot until he figured out that he ran out of bullets so he took the gun and hit Zayn in the head with it and ran. Zayn looked unconcus. So , I called 911 so they can see how Zayn's doing. The abulance came quickly and picked Zayn up on those bed thingys and put him in the back of the car. "Do you want come with us?" The people said. "Of course." I said. The whole time there I cried and cried. When we got there we figured out something.

Xx Sorry for the short chapter but i'll right somemore tomorrow , I promise. Be sure to like this book and comment , thanksss xX
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