Let me love you

A girl named Addison always gets bullied around in school. No one ever leaves her alone even her parents bullied her around the house. She accidently runs into Zayn Malik out of no where. Stay toned please xx .:)


1. School :/

"Addison get your butt outside to the bus asshole!" Her mom said
Addison ran out to the bus before it left . She got on and tryed to find a empty seat on the bus but the bus was just filled with Jocks , Cheerleaders , Losers , Nerds , etc.

Addison's P.O.V.

I got on the bus right. And it was just filled. I didn't know where to sit. Until one nerd let me sit with them. I felt a lil nervous. I didn't know what to do at this point. I was just quiet the whole ride to school. When I got there , Everyone was pushing me to the side so I could be the last one to be one the bus. When I walked in the building , I went straight to my locker then the most popular girls had a locker right above mine. She was literally perfect with her green eyes, long brown hair and a preppy voice that everyone wanted. Everyday she would always try to make me get hurt by her locker. Well , when I walked into 1st period Mrs
Howard's class , someone put water in the enterance of the door then I slipped and fell. I ran out of the class crying . Then , I ran a lil too far. I ran outside the school and passed many houses. Then , at that very moment,I ran into a handsome, tall ,beautiful guy. He had hazel brown eyes , Black hair with a blonde highlight in his hair , and he had one of the most beautifulest smile I've ever seen. He said "Hey , you look lost." I was actually. "Yeah , A lil." I laughed.
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