Let me love you

A girl named Addison always gets bullied around in school. No one ever leaves her alone even her parents bullied her around the house. She accidently runs into Zayn Malik out of no where. Stay toned please xx .:)


2. His everything ♥

Zayn's P.O.V.

Wow. She was soo beautiful. I just wanted to call her mine when I first saw her. Her beautiful blue eyes glisten in the sun. Her long , brown curly hair that passed her shoulders so perfectly. Her smile was just amazing and her voice was just as beautiful as heaven and above. "So , do you want to go to my house? Because you look a lil sad." I said. "I would love to." She said as sje smiled. I took her hand and guided her to the house.

Addison's P.O.V.

He was so sweet. He was also really cute , but I doubt a guy like that would want a girl like me. While we were walking he introduced himself. "Oh , I'm sorry I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Zayn. What's yours?" He said. "I'm Addison." I said. "Wow , your name is very beautiful
" Zayn said as he smiled. "Well , Thank you." I said as I blushed. When we got to the house it was huge. And I was amazed of how big it was. As we walked in they are 4 gorgorus boys sitting on the couch watching the telly. "Hey Addison , this is Harry , Niall , Liam , and Louis." Zayn said. !Hey everyone." I said nervously. They all said hey back. Harry was just staring at me the whole time. I'm guessing he was flirting? Well , anyway I just loved One Direction. There music always got to me and I was just a great fan. I just didn't show it.
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