Dreaming Dreams

My entry for the #KeepingItReal Comp. I don't care if I win or not. Well, maybe I do, just a little, but that's irrelevant. The point is, I want people, especially girls, to see that life isn't just all about love, popularity and partying. Life can be about dreams, and the dreams we dream can make a HUGE difference in our world's future.


1. What would the world be without dreams?

I've always been a tomboy, a voluntary outsider. I've also always been proud of that. It's something I want to do, someone I want to be. I've also grown up in an environment in which bullying is not common, an environment where I am able to  dream my own dreams without being judged. However, other teens like me might not be so lucky. They might not be able to dream certain dreams because of bullying, judgement, law, religious and more issues. Or some might just not realize what there is to dream about.

Following your own dreams is a very important part of life. Yes, it's been said so much it's become cliche, and if someone says that to you, you don't bat an eyelid. But what if you were to consider exactly what that meant? And no, it does not mean getting your dream job, either.

First, there is one rule to following your dreams: they have to be YOUR dreams. Lots of teens are pressured and/or bullied into dreaming dreams which aren't theirs. Some dreams, say to become the most popular girl in school, are actually quite trivial. Popularity isn't a unique dream. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about it but-- look around! There is just so much more that can be done with a life than topping the fame charts. You have the power to make a big difference in the today's world. That doesn't just mean being a pop star and having a whole troupe of fans who aim to talk like you, sing like you and dress like you. That legacy can last, but one day it will become meaningless.

Many people think that today's era is all artificial. "The Lorax"is a recently released film, based on a Dr. Seuss novel. It is set in a town where everything is fake, plastic and artificial: even the "plants"! Many watchers responded to this movie by saying things along the lines of, "People think this is just a kids' movie... but it actually has an important message. It is warning us of what our world could actually be like in the future."

Maybe the world will actually become entirely made of plastic one day. Maybe we will become "robots"; listening to, watching and buying the latest trends in music, film and other merchandise, simply because we don't know better, and nobody has the incentive to dream further than becoming a movie star and finding themselves on the silver screen. Does that sound familiar? A subject of many rants and articles, it could already be happening. And teens are the main focus for these rants because of our "reputation" as a tech-obsessed, lazy, rude Playstation Nation.

Don't get me wrong. I know that teenagers out there are different. Many spend their days trying to be different; escaping their generation's stereotypes. Being different can actually be about little things,  dreamed bigger. For example, if one teen starts to do different things, eg. gardening as a hobby and wearing original clothes, other teens might catch on and start a trend which could help the world and its people. Most days, it may seem like our little dreams have microscopic significance; but in this way (and others!), teenagers actually have a huge effect on the world.

One day, the world may become plastic and fake, but teens and kids of today are the planet's future leaders and people. We have the power to turn the world into an artificial ghost of its former state, or we can help the world to become a better place, and in turn help us to become better people. But we can't become better, unless we think for ourselves and follow our own dreams; unless we start a legacy that can last, or that can be meaningful.

Just think that every obstacle overcome has made you stronger. Every criticism or hurtful word will mean nothing in five years' time. Don't listen to people who bully you. I know it's not that easy, but there are people who have faith in you. Just think: you CAN do it. You CAN dream your own dreams. You don't have to be popular or extremely talented. All you need is a voice, and a reason to speak, or to do what you want. Be yourself... or the world won't have any originality left. You are your own person, and there will never, ever be another one of you.

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