My New Love

Is about a girl named Monique her and her boyfriend zac were on the Eiffel Tower and zac dumps her will monique find another love or will forever be alone. (Hope you like it's my first story so plz no hate messages thankyou from MonmonTomo)


1. Introduction



Hi My name Is Monique , I'm 18 years old and live in Paris, France. I have a brother named Thomas he now 20 and lives with his fiancé, Ashleigh in America. I am Australian but i moved to paris when i was 16 and my brother moved to America when he was 18, (It was hard to move away from my brother but we both hated what we were going through, so we went our separate ways) from my parents because all they did was get drunk and abuse Thomas & I. I have a boyfriend named Zac we have been going out for two years now and we are madly in love. He also moved from australia when he was 16 too. We met on the Plane coming and became best friends until I became really close to him and he asked me to be his girlfriend, 2 weeks after we met. I have the perfect life here in paris I just love it here. 

(Enough from me lets start the story already). 


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