My New Love

Is about a girl named Monique her and her boyfriend zac were on the Eiffel Tower and zac dumps her will monique find another love or will forever be alone. (Hope you like it's my first story so plz no hate messages thankyou from MonmonTomo)


3. Chapter 2: My New Love?


Chapter 2: My New Love?


Monique ran off crying till she got to her hotel room. She Sat in her bed for two days now she hated going outside the hotel room, she loved loved it in the room, Monique had a perfect bed with a soft quilt and a stuffed pillow, she also a wonderful T.V. which you could watch any channel you want. One day she was very hungry and didn't have any food in the fridge so she got dressed in a black tank top and a cream cardigan on top with black skinny jeans and black vans and walked to Starbucks. While Monique was walking and texting her friend Ava, she bumped into a boy with dark brown hair with lovely curls and sparkling green eyes.

(Hey Guys sorry for another small chapter i am going to start using POV's now so plz comment if you want me to chance anything in the story Tanks MonmonTommo xx)

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