Im crystal, and I'm19. My best friend is niall horan. He is in one direction an is the same age.  You know... The famous boy band with many fans... Woops sorry "directioners". Well anyway. He's my best friend and has been since we were 3. It's been hard because for the first 3 years of our friendship Niall had to learn to communicate with me. I don't talk and I never have. Not one word. I'm a mute. And there's other things that make my life difficult. I'm dislexic. That makes it really hard to learn and I can't write or read many things. Everything gets to much sometimes for me. I'm very emotional. Niall helps me with that. He makes me feel safe... I think i like him.


3. Talking

Crystals p.o.v

Niall was going to stop by before I went on the date. I slipped on black jeans and a ruffled pale pink tank top. 'love!' Niall's voice rings through my house. He opens the bedroom door. 'hi crystal' he says. 'I really need to tell you something...' he sits on the end of my bed looking at his hands resting in his lap. He didn't say anything else. I kneel in front of him and rest my arms on his knees and rest my chin on them. I just sit there and wait for him to continue. He puts a finger under my chin and his lips meet mine. 

Niall's pov

I did it! I kissed her! It was a short sweet kiss. But that's all I need. One little kiss is fine with me. Them I realized how wrong this was. 'sorry' I say and pull away.  'your going on a date with Connor, and I just kissed you... Im such an idiot!' her lips touched mine again. 'what about Connor?' I ask. She shrugs and stands back up. 'love... Do you, like... Connor?... Like love him?' I ask taking her hand. She shakes her head and points to me shyly. I smile. 'I've loved you since we were nine' I blush. She points to her eye. 'I...' i say and she makes a heart with her hands. 'loved...' she points to me...'me...' and she holds up ten fingers. 'ten.' she blushes. She has loved me since we were ten. I wrap my arms around her waist and hug her. 

Her phone vibrates on the bed. She pulls away and looks at the message then puts her phone in her back pocket. 

Crystals p.o.v

I walk over to Niall and kiss his cheek. 'bye love... I'll see you later' Niall says. I nod and get my keys. I walked out to my car and I was about to get in, Niall turned me around and kissed me again. 'sorry, I just had to do that one more time' He smiles. I can see in his eyes he wanted to just have a really long passionate kiss. I've known him for fifteen years... I know him. I put a hand on his cheek and kiss him again. It wasn't full on snogging. just a really long kiss. 'bye love' Niall says. I wave goodbye to him and drive away. 

Connors p.o.v

I like crystal. She's really cute and from what Niall has told me she is the nicest person I will ever meet. I took her to nandos. I know, it's not really fancy. But Niall told me she loves nandos as much as he does. 

The food came out and I was asking her some questions and she did to me by pointing at some stuff. 'so you're a big fan?' she blushes. 'don't worry babe. It's kinda cute' I rub her cheek. My phone buzzes. 'sorry' I say and look at the text. 

From Niall: mate, when are you bringing her back? 

I chuckle and show crystal the text. She smiles and I reply. 

To Niall: eager much mate. calm down. I really like crystal. We are having a really good time

Niall's p.o.v

Don't make a move on her! I swear!... Oh shit! What if he kisses her! I just kissed those plump lips. He can't kiss her! If he does I have to kiss her again... Not that I'm complaining. I really wouldn't mind kissing her again. What am I saying? She isn't my girlfriend...well not yet anyways. 

To Connor: when your date finishes bring her to the lads and my house

From Connor: right mate

Now all I have to do is sit and wait.

Crystals p.o.v

Connor brought me back to the boys house. Apparently Niall texted him to do this. He walked me up to the door. 'one last question... If I kissed you right now what would to do?' he asks. I was shocked. He wanted to kiss me? I shake my head and he nods. I couldnt kiss him. I dont like him in that way. I like niall  well love him. 

'bye love' he says and walks off. I feel kinda guilty. Niall opens the door and hugs me. 'tell me everything. But start with did you kiss?!' I raise an eyebrow and dump my keys and purse on the bench. 'so you didn't?' he asks. I shake my head. 'great!' he picks me up. 'so now I can do this!' he leans over and kisses me. What does this mean? 'crystal... Will you please be my girlfriend!' he begs. My smile grows wider an I nod and lean back in and peck his lips. 

Niall's p.o.v

I was so worried that they would kiss! It may sound weird because we aren't actually dating yet, but shes mine! 

When she said yes I just wanted to kiss her forever. I finally got crystal as my girlfriend. I know she is my princess. I just know. She jumps down from my arms and walks into the lounge room. 

Crystals p.o.v

Niall sits next to me on the couch and wraps his arm around my shoulders. 'CRYSTAL!!!' the boys come running in the room. 'how did the date with Connor go?!' Louis says and sits next to me. 'are you and Connor dating?' Harry asks straight after. 'because if you are I want to be the first to tweet about it!' Zayn says. 'no I want to be!' Liam protests. They were yelling full on about who would get to tweet about it first. I look at Niall and he rolls his eyes. 'guys shut up!' Niall shouts. They stop for a couple seconds and look at me. 'please tell me you are!...' Zayn says. 'I wanna tweet about it first' he whispers in my ear. They start fighting again and they were giving me a headache. Ugh! I just wanted to-'I'm with Niall' I mumble. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. 

Niall's p.o.v

Was that crystal? Was that her croaky voice? 'was that you?' I ask and she nods shyly. 'you spoke?' Louis asks and she nods. 'I thought you couldn't speak?' Zayn asks. Her voice was sweet. She shrugs. 'say something else! Please!' they beg. 'wait boys! Did you hear what she said before?!' Liam asks. 'you're dating Niall?!' Harry asks. 'yes she is!' I say and pull her closer to me. 'no way!!! Niall doesn't have the guts to ask you out!' Harry exclaims. 'wow! Thanks boys!' I say.

Crystals p.o.v

Yeah I spoke. The boys were picking on Niall now. I look at Niall and he was looking down. 'alright boys! That's enough! Go away!' I laugh at the last part. 'you need to leave!' I push them out the room. 'no!' they protest. 'why don't you tweet something!' they look at each other and run into their rooms. I giggle. It felt nice to talk. Better than I thought. Why was I so scared? It's much less work than having to point at things all the time. I sit backing the couch and rest my back on him. 'let me hear that sweet voice again' niall says. I smile and tilt my head back. 'Niall James horan, is the best person I know!' I say. Niall leans down and kisses my lips. 'you sound Irish?' 

'Niall, we are from Ireland' I laugh. 'yeah but like I thought since we have been in London you might have had a londonish accent' I giggle. 'I think it's British babe... And I'm the dislexic one' I joke. 'hey!...' He exclaims. '...your voice is so hot' Niall adds going to kiss me again. I giggle and push his cheek away. 'I like talking... It's fun!' Niall chuckles. 'I've been telling you that since we were three' I sit up and grab my phone out of my pocket. 

'they've tweeted stuff' I giggle. 'like what exactly?' he has every right to be worried. I mean... It's the boys... So i guess you know what I mean. 'umh... Louis said, niall has a new girlfriend!, Zayn says, crystal is now Niall's girlfriend! Love ya babe!, and Liam says what Liam usually says, and harry posted a picture sayingNiall's new girlfriend!' I wait for the picture to load. 'oh god this is the worst picture ever!... How'd he get it?!' it was a photo of me when I was seven and I was being a "model" with a feather boa. I show Niall.  'I remember that!' he exclaims. 'that photo was on my phone... But my phones in my pocket?' he reaches into his pocket. 'maybe not... HAROLD!' Niall screams. 'yeah bro! Your phones here!' Harry says handing it back. 'why'd you post that picture? I was seven!' 

'it was cute!' harry grins. 'it's the worst photo ever!' I disagree. Harry chuckles. 'what?' I ask. 'your Accent is so cool' I roll my eyes. 'it's only Irish. I was sure you would be used to it with Niall's accent' he shakes his head. 

Niall tickles my waist. 'stop!' I giggle. 'nope!' he refuses to stop. 'please!' I beg. He keeps tickling my waist so i force myself to stop laughing and put a hand on his cheek. He finally stops. 'god that's tiring!'  he huffs and sits back up. 'I have to go home. Bye Niall' I say and stand up. 'I love it when you say my name!' he pulls his arm around my waist and I peck his lips. 'bye love' he says. 
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