What my life is.

Paige Davis never thought her life would be like this. Her parents died in a fire when she was three. She was sent to her crazy aunts house in the middle of no where in Texas. She meets this guy named Brody lockwood. Her aunt takes her to a boarding school. She sneaks out in the middle of the night and hangs out with a non so good gang which happens to be Brody's gang....read to find out more....


8. She is back...

   I woke up to a big bang, I dont know what it was but i couldnt move. I saw somthing out of the conner of my room, someone was standing there when Istarted screaming the black figure moved to the window then was gone. My door burst open Brodys dad was standing there looking scared. "whats the matter? are you okay? do you know what that bang was?" he said panicked. I was so scared i didnt know what to tell him without sounding crazy. "there was somthing standing in the conner of my room, I think im fine, and i dont know what the bang was." "what do you mean somthing was standing in the conner of your room?" he asked. I knew I would sound crazy. "I mean somthing was standing there but when I scremed it moved to the windo and disapered." I looked at him scared. "BRODY!!!" he yelled. about two minutes latter Brody came in looking so tired. "yes dad." "do you know what just happend?" he asked. "umm no why would I?" Brody said confused. "well she is back..." "what do you mean shes back?" when Brody said that I saw his face and it looked so familliar. when i saw that i freaked out. "well paiges..." I cut him off. "she is here, thats not Brody!!" When I said that I could finally move, I got up and ran down the stairs befor I heard any thing else.

   When I was outside I started screaming. Brodys dad came outside and said somthing but I just started runing. The next thing I knew someone was following me but I didnt stop running. When I felt safe I stoped and looked around I didnt know where I was. I heard shouting, then a wisper in my ear " I got you now!!" when I turned around no one was there. Somthing tuched me when i turned around it was Brody i fell into his arms and he just held me. "I will get you just watch..." when i turned nothing. "Are you okay?" Brody asked. "yeah Ithink so but can we go back home?" it was getting really cold and I wanted to go inside. "yeah thats fine." as we were walking it was so quit and Brody kept watching me it was so weard. "why did you run?" he asked me. "well she took over your body I could tell with the face you were makeing." I told him. "oh all I heard and remembered is my dad yelling for me, then you yelling and running out the door..." he didnt look to sure but went on. "my dad told me to go after you I was so dizzy but ran after you, why did you jump when I touched you?" he looked verry conserned. "well I heard someone wisper in my ear, then you tuched me." he looked thike he was following. "what did it wisper?" "well it said..." I took a deep breath and continued. "I got you now, it scared me so bad but after you were there it said that it will get me." he pulled me into his arms and wispered "dont worry i will protect you." I belived him because i dont know what else to belive.

   When we got back to the house his dad looked worred. "please sit down you two." he said me and Brody just looked at eachother and sat. "we have a problem, we need to play this cool and you two need to go back to school so no one thinks somthing is going on." " but there is somthing going on." I said. "i know I just cant have other people know. I will have people watching both of you at the same time no matter what." he started to say somthing else when Brody cut him off. "so your saying we have to pertend like nothing is wrong?? just like you said we have to do about mom!!" I could tell he was getting mad because he tenced up. "its for your best." his dad said. "just like forgetting about mom?!?" he was getting really mad. His dad just got up and left. When he was gone Brody went outside, I followed. "its going to be okay. I know how you feel my..." he cut me off "you dont know what if feels like not to be able to talk about your dead mom!!" he looked so pissed. "yes i do." I wispered and walked inside.

   When I was in my room the tears just fell. I do know what it feels like.I always got in trouble for talking about my parents. when I was five years old I asked my uncle. " when will mom and dad come back?" he didnt answer me but aunt did. " they are never comeing back for you they hate you and there dead!" "liar they are too comeing back for me." she got so mad at me and slaped me. " you are never alouded to talk about then ever again!!" she sent me to my room I cryed and held a picture of them that I hide in the back of my diary. My uncle came in and held me. "why do they hate me?" I asked him. " they dont hate you." "why did they leave me?"  "because it was their time to go." he told me and i just started crying as he held me.

Dear diary,

   I just though it would be good to write, I miss them so much i dont even care that my mom beat me I just wish they were here. we look so happy in the photo I have. I just cant...

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