What my life is.

Paige Davis never thought her life would be like this. Her parents died in a fire when she was three. She was sent to her crazy aunts house in the middle of no where in Texas. She meets this guy named Brody lockwood. Her aunt takes her to a boarding school. She sneaks out in the middle of the night and hangs out with a non so good gang which happens to be Brody's gang....read to find out more....


7. Laying low.

Brody took me to a room to get settled in. His dad came in to talk to me. "if you need any thing just ask we are laying low for a wile, here are some pain pills and dinner will be in five minutes." "okay thank you, I will let you know if I need something." when he left I unwrapped me stomach to look at it. "it's really bad." Brody said witch scared me. "yeah it hurts." I said in pain. "it's going to hurt for a wile." he said and took a seat on my bed.
We went down for dinner, we were having stack, chicken, and a lot of other good stuff. After dinner I affered to do the dishes, and Brody helped that was the most fun, we had a soap war.
I dont have any brothers or sisters so I haven't experienced this befor.
I was laying down when there was a knock at my door and it only eight thirty. Brody came in, "you okay?" "yeah I'm just thinking." "okay your just in your room so early." he said confused. "well I'm usually supposed to be in bed by nine." I said. "well you don't have to, here that doesn't matter. Well do you want to come down and play games with us?" he asked hoping I would say yes. "I'm not really use to having or doing family things." I told him. "well if you want just come down." after that he left and went down stairs, I thought about it then I went downstairs.
After we played games Brody took me up to my room that I was staying in. I was in a lot of pain I don't know why so I took a pill and layed down. Brody came and sat on my bed and rubbed my back untill I fell asleep.
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