What my life is.

Paige Davis never thought her life would be like this. Her parents died in a fire when she was three. She was sent to her crazy aunts house in the middle of no where in Texas. She meets this guy named Brody lockwood. Her aunt takes her to a boarding school. She sneaks out in the middle of the night and hangs out with a non so good gang which happens to be Brody's gang....read to find out more....


2. He's leaving me.

After class he slipped me a paper I didn't want to read it yet. Stacey was bugging me so much but I told her I would tell her about it latter. I was walking outside when Izzy came up to me and said. "Stay away from Brody or I will make your life a living hell." I just turned and walked away I wasn't going to let her ruin my day today.
On the way home my aunt asked, "How was you day today?" I told her every thing but the note and what Izzy said. When dinner was over my uncle came and talked to me about how he was leaving for one hole year. When I started to cry he held me and watched me write in my diary.
Dear diary,
Today was a great day I met this nice chick named Stacey she helped me through the day. I met this cute kid named Brody I really like him but this chick named Izzy told me to stay away or she will make my life a living hell. I don't want her to hate me because I barley know her. I think he really likes me, when I read the note it said that he really wants to know me and I really want to know him too and he gave me his number 801***7633. Tomorow my uncle leaves me for a year but he told me to stay strong and when I sneak out do it around midnight I'm really going to miss him.
When I put my diary back my uncle held me until I fell asleep. At five he woke me up and told me to get ready. I put on jeans and a jacket when I got in the car I asked where we were going he told me it was a surprise. We pulled up to a weird store when we walked he told me to pick out a phone so I did. When we were done I asked him why. "I want you to stay in touch with me no matter what, I already told your aunt. She wasn't happy but I told her i would buy it for you." he told me. "You didn't have to I mean really I'm fine with out it." I told him. "But there is something you should know about your aunt and that's why you need a phone in case something goes wrong, and if anything does I will come back."
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