What my life is.

Paige Davis never thought her life would be like this. Her parents died in a fire when she was three. She was sent to her crazy aunts house in the middle of no where in Texas. She meets this guy named Brody lockwood. Her aunt takes her to a boarding school. She sneaks out in the middle of the night and hangs out with a non so good gang which happens to be Brody's gang....read to find out more....


10. big problem!!

   It has almost been a year, he never called and his phone has been off or somthing. I havent seen my aunt sence the night she was here. Izzy, and her friends has disapered as well. so I desited to call his work.

   "Hello my name is Harry how may I help you." said this guy "umm yeah can I speak with Ben?" thats my uncles name. "can I ask who this is?" "this is his neace paige." I told him. "have you not heard what happened?" he sounded sad. "what happened?" I was worred. "he was heading home early when he got in a car crash, his body was burned when his car started on fire." "oh okay thank you I have to go bye." I hung up and started to cry.

   There was a knock on my door. "come in!" I yelled so they would hear me, Sam walked in. Sam is Brodys sister she has dark hair and brown eyes. "hey dinner is... whats wrong?" she could tell I was crying. "I just found out that my uncle died." I was crying more now. "oh my gosh, im so sorry." she was hugging me.

   We walked down stairs together when I stoped crying. We finished eatting, it was Sams turn to do the dishes. I stayed with her untell she was done, we went up stairs into her room. Her room was blue with clouds in the celing, her bed was hudge with blue covers. "wow I love your room." I told her. "we can do somthing like this to your room if you want." yeah I would like that." I said and smiled. Brody walked in. "have you seen my laptop? oh hi paige." "hi" I said. "I think dad had it last but if he dosnt then I have no idea." she told him "okay I will ask him." he left.

  There was a knock at the door down stairs. We walked and sat on the stairs, Brody opened the door and Seth was standing there. "Hey Seth, want to come in?" Brody asked him. "Yeah that would be nice." he came in and me and Sam ran up stairs. "why is Seth here?" I asked Sam "umm im not sure, but if you want to know we can go spy." she said with a devious smile. "okay lets go." I told her with a smile.

  When we snuck down stairs they were in the living room. We went to the kitchen and listened to them but did some stuff so they dont think we were listening to them. They were talking about me... "so why again is Paige here again?" Seth asked Brody. "well things happened that im not alowed to talk about." Brody told Seth. "dude do you think I could stay with you?" "yeah you can." "thanks man" Seth said. "your welcome."

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