What my life is.

Paige Davis never thought her life would be like this. Her parents died in a fire when she was three. She was sent to her crazy aunts house in the middle of no where in Texas. She meets this guy named Brody lockwood. Her aunt takes her to a boarding school. She sneaks out in the middle of the night and hangs out with a non so good gang which happens to be Brody's gang....read to find out more....


3. Bad boys.

When I got to school later Brody was by the door. When I walked past him he followed me it was so weird. I got to my locker and he was watching me, he came behind me and gave me another note and he told me to write back and give it to him at lunch. When I opened it, it said don't listen to Izzy I know she is scary but I won't let her hurt you if you give me a chance.
Stacey never showed up untill second period. "Oh my gosh read this." I gave her the note. " Brody gave this to you?" she said surprised. "Yeah but I don't really know him." I told her. "Dude it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that he likes you."she told me. "Well it matters to me because I need to know him befor anything bad happens." I told her. "Fine I guess it's your call." she gave up.
Dear Brody,
I don't know you very well but maby we can get to know each other first. I really don't want Izzy to hate me, I don't really know her and I don't want her to hurt me eather. You can text me if you want it's 801***2570.
At lunch I slipped him the paper. When we were outside I saw him alone and reading the note. After he read it he looked around and smiled at me, he's so cute with his perfect dark hair and bright green eyes when he smiles.
In seventh period we had to work on a project together, it was a fun project. He made me laugh so much and I made him laugh too. After school it was raining, I saw Izzy leaving. Someone walked up behind me it was Brody, he asked "Hey beautiful maby if it stops raining can you hang out?" "I'm so sorry I'm Kinda not aloud to leave my house my aunts really protective but my uncle doesn't care and told me I can leave around midnight and sneak out." I said with a smile. "Okay I will text you the plans but I got to go bye love." he said. I said bye and met my aunt outside.
Dinner was so awkward I miss my uncle he was the only one that could make me laugh after my parents died. "I'm going to my room and call him." I told her. "That's fine sweat heart." she said. When I was up there I called him and told him about my day, the note, and how I might sneak out. He doesn't care but he told me to be carful with that boy. I promised I will.
Dear diary,
I might go sneak out with this really cute kid named Brody he's so nice. He wants to protect me but I barely know him. My uncle gave me promishion to go see him but I have to be carful and to call him on the way home, I'm so...
I got a text it was eleven forty five when he texted me. I snuck out my window he was waiting at the conner of the street. "Hey how are you?" he asked. "I'm good, how about you?" "I'm good now should we go?" "Yeah" I told him.
We got to this weard place there were three other boys. One had blond hair and blue eyes like mine his name was Seth, the other two had light brown hair and dark brown eyes and they are twins I know weard. Brad and his brother Matt. We introduced are selfs to each other and talked. Brody was walking me home when we got there he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the check.

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