Dream Come True

A girl who has no passion for One Direction,
Emma Reynolds has been working part-time in a bookstore
With Her bestfriend, Olivia.

Little did they know that Niall Horan, 1/5 of One Direction buys a book.
What happens if Emma and Niall saw each other and she just fell.
She fell in love with Niall Horan.


1. All in a day's work.


It was 9:30 and I had 30 Minutes before work.
I had already changed into the uniform, Blue top and Denim.

"Better be off now, Bye Lucky!"

Oh, Lucky's the name of my dog. A shih tzu,
To be exact.

"Sorry Olivia, Am I late, boss?" I asked.

Ah, my boss Olivia is also my bestfriend, she gives me a raise but she doesn't overdo it.
"Emma, start cleaning your cashier station and put on a smile
In your face infront of the customers!"
I just LOVE Olivia's Happy Spirit.

Mine just didn't fit in.

30 Minutes later

A customer approached me and
She handed me the book.
"Have a nice day!"

Another customer approached me and
Did the same.
"Have an awesome day!"

A young boy, just around my age, Gave
Me a ton of books -- By a ton I mean 6.

"Good Morning!"
"Good Morning, How's your day?"

Oh finally, a customer that talked to me.
He had his manners.

"My day's great. Have a nice day sir."
He went away an he accidentally forgot his book, he only had 5 with him.

"SIR? SIR? EXCUSE BUT YOU LEFT YOUR BOOK!" I said as I went outside the
Bookstore, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Olivia, did you see the guy that was blonde and he was
Wearing long sleeves?"
"I saw him! Come over here."

I came over to Olivia and she told me that he was
Niall Horan, from One Direction.

So thats why he was kind of familiar.. Olivia
LOVES One Direction so bad, she wants to marry them.

It was 4 o' clock so that meant that I am now free to
Look for that Niall.

I went outside the bookstore and to my luck, I spotted him
On the other side with a bunch of fans.
I tied to pick up my pace with the running,

Im just not an athlete.
He finally lost the fans, but not me.

"Are you...a fan?" He said as e backed away slowly.
"No, sir. I'm from the bookstore and you left your book"
"Thats why I only had 5..."

I chuckled.
"Here you go sir."
"Stop calling me sir, its really weird. Call me Niall. What's your name?"
"Si- Niall, my name is Emma, Emma Reynolds. Nice to meet."

We did a little bit of shaking and he gave him his number
Since he wanted to hang out.

"I'll see you soon, Niall."
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