Justin Bieber

A girl meets Justin Bieber and what happens is very interesting


3. Second Meeting

Cindy's P.O.V

When I got in the car I relised that I forgot to take my phone. I asked my best friend Jess to turn around because I froget my phone. She looked at me and sighed. She hates it when I forget my belongings. When I got back to the mall all the screaming girls have already left which means that Justin probably already left. I was about to go in the mall but when I pulled the handle it wouldn't budge. I panicked for a second but then I thought to myself. "You could always go in from the back doors." I quickly ran to the back and pulled on the handle. I sprang open. I ran inside and tried to remember where I could of left it but couldn't think of anyplace. Then I heard a bang and everything around me went black.

Justin's P.O.V

I was helping the guards move the table that I used. My mom told them to give me a few chores here and there so I don't turn all bratty. Anyway I was holding the table infront of me like a wall. Yea yea not very smart I get the point annyway I was in the middle of the mall when I heard a bang. I laced the table to the side on the ground to see that I had knocked a girl unconsious. But it wasn't just any girl, it was the one I had fallen for the one with the chocolate brown eyes. I quickly kneeled beside her and tried to wake her.

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