Justin Bieber

A girl meets Justin Bieber and what happens is very interesting


2. My Mission

Justin's P.O.V

During the signing I looked around to see if the girl I had a crush on was in the line. OK I admitted it I have a crush on her but it's almost inpossible not to. She's just really pretty and she's not like plastic surgery pretty she's like average pretty. Why I would like her I don't know. Anyways as the line grew shorter I gave up hope until the last person came. I was her. She smiled at me shyly and looked away facing the ground. "Hey, Sorry bout the fans I didn't think they would do that to you." I offered. "Thats alright I just tend to get a little personal when i'm out in public. Thats because i'm not really pretty." She replied in an angelic voice. I rapidly signed her CD and gave it to her. I was about to tell her that she was really pretty but then she said " Well I best be off. Um... see you soon." She was about to leave when I blurted "Wait... what's your name." Wow real smooth Justin you could've said something else. My brain nagged. " Cindy" She replied then took off at an amazing pace. Since she was the last person in line I took off after her. I knew that I was going to be in very big trouble later. I don't know if there are any fans outside still. I saw her standing in the phone booth talking to someone just before she hung up she smiled and laughed. She hung up and looked around. She walked over to a car and climbed in. The car sped off. Her melodic laugh rang through my head as I trudged  back into the mall.


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