Justin Bieber

A girl meets Justin Bieber and what happens is very interesting


1. Justin Bieber

Cindy's P.O.V

I can't believe it. I Cindy Elizabeth Macs is finally going to meet Justin Bieber live in person. Even though I didn't get the tickets for the concert I got the one for the meet and greet. I am now with all the other Beliebers standing in line wainting for the one and only Justin Bieber. Suddenly the mall burst out in screams and cheers. A few girls have already fainted. I see the paramedics sighing and carrrying the girls out if the mall. I stand quietly in the corner watching Justin perform. You think I would be screaming along with the other girls, but that just isn't my personality. I have always been the quietest person in class and in my house. My two little brothers along with my older brother Steve. Our house was never quiet. Not even in the middle of the night. Anyway I watched as Justin jumped and dances around on the stage.

Justin's P.O.V

As I made my dramatic entrance onto the stage in the mall I heard the crowd of Beliebers screaming. Within a few seconds a few girls have already fainted. I smiled to myself.I know that may sound harsh but I wasn't happy that the girls fainted. It was the fact that they fainted within a few seconds personal best! Then out of all the girls sprawled out in the mall this one girl caught my eye. She had long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was standing in the corner all quiet. Even though she wasn't screaming or yelling of any sort she looked like she was enjoying my concert.

At the end of the concert I saw the girl that I notices before looking at me. I caught her eye and smiled at her. She blushed deep red and geez did she look cute. So I winked at her. That made her blush even more. Then after a few stares from a few girls her smile faded and she sped out of the mall. I desperetly wanted to follow her but I knew that was inpossible.

Cindy's P.O.V

At the end of the concert I sorta stared at Justin for a while that was because I might never see him ever again which is a total tragety. I guess he noticed because he looked me right in the eye and smiled then a few seconds  later he wnked at me. I got a gew stares from some of the girls and so I quickly left. I felt really guilty because I could feel Justin's eyes following me.


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