Why does it have to be me

I don't think I can take it anymore. The bullying I'm talking about. It's too much, I get it from everyone. No one likes me. Why do I bother living.


2. The new girl

You know how I said before about me being grateful that Maddy and Bobbie weren't at the school gate spitting hateful comments at me? Yeah, well not anymore. I wish they were at the front gate because when I walked into the school they were obsessing with this new girl. She wasn't very tall but she wasn't short, she had light brown hair and greenish eyes. She was very pretty. It's a shame that's she will be stuck with Maddy and Bobbie. She looks really nice and friendly. Unlike Maddy and Bobbie.

I knew that Maddy and Bobbie would embarrass me in front of her. I could tell by the way both of them looked at me. It was one of those you-know-what's-coming looks. I wanted to avoid them so badly, you have no idea how much, but I had to get to class and to get to class I had to walk right through them. I wanted to do that without any troubles though. To be treated normally. Not to be beaten up. Not a toy to get all your problems and anger out onto. Just to be normal. Maddy and Bobbie made sure that didn't happen. It's like that's their job, to make me unhappy and hate myself. They did a very good job of it too.

I was getting closer and closer to them. I was starting to get nervous. I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker, scared of what they will do to me. They wouldn't take their eyes off me so I knew it wouldn't be pain free. No it would hurt a lot. I laugh to myself, why am I so scared by two girls. I shouldn't be. Just be strong, I tell myself. WHACK, Bobbie punched me straight in the face, knocking me from my thoughts. I stumble backwards, scared of what will happen next. Maddy then comes up to me and with her foot she kicks me straight in the stomach causing me to fall onto my back with a hard bump. She stands over me, like she is very proud of what she has just accomplished.

"What were you laughing at miss ugly?" Maddy yells at me.

The group that has now formed around us starts laughing in an evil mocking way. I can feel my cheeks getting hot. Not from embarrassment but from rage. I do not want to be treated like this.

"Yeah, c'mon spit it out." Bobbie joins in.

Maddy's face is now about 2 feet from mine. I suddenly have an idea. I should just spit right in her face. That's what she told me to do. Spit it out she said. I would only be following her orders. Oh I would love to see her reaction. Following my thoughts I spit right in her face. It lands in the middle of her eyes. Her reaction is priceless. Maddy's face scrunches up and her mouth drops open in shock of what I have just done to her. I can't believe I just did that. What will she do to me now.

Right now, I look much braver than I feel. I feel like hiding, scrunching up in a ball. To run away and never return to this school. What I look like though, is brave. Very brave. Like I could fight a bull. Possibly two. The way Maddy looks though, is disgusted. Angry. Embarrassed. It even looks like she might start crying. Very quickly Maddy grabs Bobbies cotton jumper and wipes away all the spit on her nose and the rest of her pale face. The crowd around us is crying with laughter. I even start laughing. Maddy is looking around at everyone and I take this as my chance to run away. Which I need to unless I want to be beaten to liquid.

I get up as fast as I can and run to my home room. I just remember to take my bag with me. Phew who knows what they would've done to it. As I get to class the realisation of what I've just done hits me. How could I of done that. I'm going to be bullied the most I've ever been bullied. I'm defiantly not looking forward to that. No, not at all. I'm safe here though because my teacher, Mr. Mason is here. He wouldn't let anyone get bullied. Of course he doesn't know about Maddy and Bobbie and how they bully me. He would of done something about that if he already knew. I should just tell him already, get it over and done with, But I know that would not make Bobbie or Maddy happy at all. The bullying would just get worse. But for now , I can relax. I'm safe here.

As soon as the bell went, Bobbie and Maddy walk in the class room. A second later the new girl appears right behind them. She must of joined them. Great now I have one more person to worry about.
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