Why does it have to be me

I don't think I can take it anymore. The bullying I'm talking about. It's too much, I get it from everyone. No one likes me. Why do I bother living.


3. Dreadful day

When the new girl walked in after Maddy and Bobbie, Mr. Mason asked for her to tell the class about herself. She didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. I could tell though, from the moment she walked in front of the class that she was a shy person. Well I guess everyone is on their first day of Year 10.

"I'm Emma Greenwood." Said Emma to the class.

She sounded so sweet. I would love to be friends with her but she is with the other bitches. Hopefully she doesn't turn into one of them. That would be a shame, to be honest. A nice person, wasted.

"I'm 16 years old. I came from a very strict school. I didn't like it. The teachers were a pain too." Emma continued.

"Why did you move here then?" One of my curious classmates asked.

"Well as I said before I didn't like it very much because of the rules and other stuff like that. The students there were annoying too. Some were weird, no offence to them, some had an annoying attitude and some were just stuck up. Of course I had some friends there and I still see them too." Emma explained.

Ha, she wouldn't like this school much then. Everyone here was annoying, mean, stupid, weird, oh I could go on forever. I hated everyone. I liked to think of them as peasants. Yes peasants are a good word for them.

"Thank you Emma. I'm sure you will love this school, well I really hope so. You can take a seat now." Mr. Mason shows her a seat and she sits down gracefully.

After a extremely boring history lesson, it was time for recess. Oh no. I'm going to get beaten up badly after what happened with Maddy and I. I was not looking forward to this, not at all. She will be so mad. I don't think I would even be able to look at her. Her face will be as red as Bobbies hair.

When I get outside for recess and look behind me I was surprised with what I saw. Bobbie, Maddy and Emma coming up behind me, just like I thought but what happened next I did not expect. Emma looked as if she was explaining something to Maddy, who by the way was giving me a death stare, then Emma grabbed both Maddy and Bobbie and dragged them away somewhere else. I couldn't believe what I just saw! Does Emma feel bad for me? Does she maybe even like me? Or was she just doing that because she had to go somewhere and it had nothing to do with me? I don't know why Emma did that but I so grateful. I would have been dead three times already.

As usual I sat by myself on a rock eating my small lunch. I always sat there. Everyday, I don't know why I do. I just do. It's comfy and relaxing because the sun shines right on it. I could probably get a tan out of it since I'm so pale. I would probably get sunburnt instead of a tan actually. I hated my skin, it was so pale and I had pimples all over my face. I know they will go soon but I still didn't enjoy them. I did order some Proactive a while ago though, hopefully that will come soon. I need it and badly.

The rest of the day went surprisingly well. Maybe Emma had made Bobbie and Maddy not hurt me. She did see my get beaten up by them. I shouldn't get my hopes up though. I don't even know Emma. She might be planning on bullying me too. Gee how fun, getting bullied by three girls, who you thought one might like you. I hear the announcement that it's time to go back to class, great now I have to sit through teachers explaining gibberish. They didn't actually teach us gibberish if you were wondering, I just couldn't understand anything.

'Ding Ding Ding Ding' Yes the bell! I've been waiting for this for ages. My last class, which was math, went so slow. I was almost crying out of boredom. I had actually forgotten about the bitches when I saw them packing there bags in their locker. Oh joy.

I tried walking past them quickly without them noticing but Bobbie saw me and she gave me this evil smirk and shoved hard into a little boy who looked about 11. He looked so fragile, like I could brake 100 of his bones just by flicking him.

"Oh I'm really sorry. Someone pushed me!" I explain to the kid.

He didn't look to forgiving of my apology.

"Ow don't touch me again, that really hurt!" The kid screams at me and stomps away.

Everyone around us is now paying attention to Bobbie and I. Damn they must of heard the boy.

"Oh look, Taylah is having such a bad day that she decides to hurt a poor innocent little boy. What has he ever done to you Taylah?" Bobbie teases.

She says it loud enough so anyone around 3 metres of us could hear. The people around us give me a bad look and go back to what they were doing before they heard the kid. Gosh Bobbie can be such a bitch. What fun does she get out of this?

"Oh piss off." I say to her and walk away, Holding back my tears.

Ha! I hope people heard that, me standing up for myself, you don't hear that too often. I really hope Emma doesn't think I'm a total loser though. Well I probably am. Bobbie and Maddy would of made up all this crap about me and told her. Well look on the bright side, i told myslef. At least I didn't get any other bullying from them today. What if I get bashed outside when I'm about to leave? Crap I better get out of here quickly then.

As I was walking back home I hear some giggles behind me. Please God, don't let it be Maddy and Bobbie. I silently pray.

Sure enough when I turn around its them. The horrible two. Plus one Emma. Emma doesn't look too good. Maybe even worried. Why would she worry? About me maybe? Maybe Bobbie and Maddy told her what they were going to do to me. Well I was soon going to find out.

"Hey horse spitter. What happened this morning?" Maddy yells at me, obviously angry.

I ignore her and keep walking, hoping that they would leave me alone. I was getting close to tears now. I've had enough with all the stupid names they give me.

"Oh yes that's right, YOU SPAT IN MY FACE!" Maddys yells, answering her own question.

Holy cow this girl is angry.


She is closer now. Hold on, she said I'm going to get punished by three of them. Maybe Emma doesn't like me after all and I just got my hopes up too high. This can't be good. Three girls bashing me up. I know two of them are very strong but I'm not so sure about Emma. Unfortunately I will find that out for myself.

I feel the first blow to my head. Someone must of punched me. I already knew that it would be one of the bitches, not including Emma. I turn around, looking to see who punched me, it was Bobbie. Turning around was a bad idea because she sent another punch straight into my face. Suddenly I feel a rush of liquid running down my nose. Crap, my nose must be bleeding. I can't feel anything right now though, because of the shock of all this. Sooner or later though I'm going to feel the pain.

As I reach up to stop the blood running from my nose Maddy kicks me full on in my stomach and I fall to the side of the road. As I landed I hit my head on the curb in the side of the road. I'm starting to get very dizzy now. I try to stand up but my legs just won't co-operate. I faintly hear someone say for Emma to have a go. The person said they want to see how tuff Emma is. Oh no, the moment of truth. I hear footsteps coming towards me. I see Emma reach out her arm and pull on my hair. To be honest it didn't hurt at all.

"Ha ha, is that all you've got? Kick her or something! Dont just give her a tug on the hair!" I hear someone say to Emma.

I'm not sure of who it was since I can't concentrate on anything. My vision is starting to go blurry and my hearing is getting softer and softer.

"Sorry I don't feel well. Another day." Emma replies.

Oh wow, maybe Emma likes me after all.

"Eh okay. I'll finish her off myself." I hear Maddy reply.

Oh no, what is she going to do?! It sounded like she was going to kill me! She wouldn't. Would she? Soon enough I feel a strong force shove me onto the road. I'm guessing that was Maddy, I think to myself. Just before I hit the ground. I hear a truck coming my way, the driver beeps his horn very loudly. But I can't do anything about it because once I hit the road everything went black and dark.

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