My Star

My star where are you I have not seen you in awhile. I look but do not see.I seek but do not find.


1. My Star

My star where are you

I have not seen you, in a while

I look but do not see

I seek but do not find


My star I miss you more

Each day and at night

I cannot sleep, I long to see

You wink at me once more


Your the one I want to see

The only one I want to feel

Wrap yourself around me

My star


You out shine all the others

You keep me warm and

Protect me from all harm

Your my star


I loved you from the start

I carry you with me

Everywhere I go

Your in my heart, my star


I think of you and smile

I miss you and cry

I do not feel alone

Your with me, my star


Your so bright

Beautiful to see

I can't see without you

My star


As I close my eyes

To try to sleep

I see a tiny peek

My star


I drift off to dream

With you on my mind

I see you, you wink

My star


No matter how far

Or near you are

You will always be

My star

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