Butterfly Wings

People love to watch butterflies. With their colors so bright. Watch them sit on a rose petal. Sww their wings spread wide.


1. Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings

Angels sing

Doves all around

God smiles


The sky is clear

The clouds are white

A eagle soars

Somewhere in sight


The mountains high

The valley's low

Somewhere in the dale

There stands a little white church


People come from miles away

To sing to God

All give him his glory

Clapping their hands


With tear stained eyes

All are weeping, as they see

Jesus looking down

With a smile on his face


What a joy to behold

As he holds out his arms

As the little child

Walks in his arms


He holds them close

Tells a story

Pats a head

And weeps


His child is tender

And so meek

He loves all the children

Of the world!

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