2. Moments in Time<3

Hey, I'm Haley. Last year my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in
Doncaster London. I met the famous british/irish boy band One Direction. Me and
Louis fell in love and I ended up pregnant with his son. I had the baby and we
named him Holden Jacob Tomlinson.

This is the sequel to Accidentally in love<3!!!
so please read it first!!!

love yall,
Haley Marie soon to be Tomlinson, haha :) <3


4. The First Night


When we get home we put Holden in his bed to get some sleep. We get the baby  monitor and then me and Louis go get changed and to bed. Like an hour later  Holden cries and Louis says, " I'll get him." He comes back and lays down. I  cuddle up to him. I have a feeling this was gonna be a long night. He woke up  again about an hour later. Then it was my turn. I went and got him, he was  hungry. I came back and laid down. This happened every 2-3 hours all night long.  First Louis would get him, then me, then Louis, then me. Bad part was when it  was Louis turn I had to wake up to cause I had to feed him. Tho Louis was a  sweetheart and wouldn't go to bed until Holden was back asleep. Finally at about  8:30 we gave up and just stayed awake. Louis cooked breakfast and I took Holden  into the living room.                 -Louis's POV-  That was the worst night of my life, but it was worth it. I now had a son and I  loved him and Haley. When I finished breakfast I walked back into the living  room where I found Haley and Holden asleep. I put the food in the microwave and  joined them all curled up on the couch asleep.               -Johanna's POV- I woke up at about 10 and decided to go check on Louis, Haley, and Holden. When  I opened the door I found all three of them curled up on the couch asleep. Aww.  I am so proud of them. They are actually engaged and  good parents to Holden. I  really do believe Louis loves her.                    -Haley's POV-  I woke up that morning laying on top of Louis holding Holden. I laid there for a  while until Louis woke up. When he did we both sat up and I looked at the clock,  it was 11:30. Holden would start crying in a couple minutes  he would be hungry.  "In so tiered." Louis said yawning. " Me to, he is gonna cry again in a couple  minutes." I said nodding."What are we gonna do today?" he asked. " Sleep." I say  laughing. 
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