2. Moments in Time<3

Hey, I'm Haley. Last year my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in
Doncaster London. I met the famous british/irish boy band One Direction. Me and
Louis fell in love and I ended up pregnant with his son. I had the baby and we
named him Holden Jacob Tomlinson.

This is the sequel to Accidentally in love<3!!!
so please read it first!!!

love yall,
Haley Marie soon to be Tomlinson, haha :) <3


5. Relaxation

Miss Johanna walks over later to me sitting at the table with my head down.
Louis was warming up food in the microwave and Holden was in his crib. "Hey
guys, how was the first night, sleep well?" " Yea, what sleep we got." Louis
said laying food on the table and I pick my head up and yawn. I probably looked
lovely, wearing pjs , hair in a messy bun. She sat down and patted my back. "
How much did he wake up last night?" she asked. " Every 2-3 hours after about
9:45."I say back as Louis lays his head down. "It will get better." miss Johanna
replies."That's what's keeping us alive right now." Louis says laughing. I smile
and kiss him. "What are y'all doing today?" she asks Louis. " She says
sleeping," he tells her looking at me. She laughs. " Why don't we go out?" Louis
asks me. " We have a baby Louis." "We can take him with us." " Louis I cant feed
him in public."and he groans. Great we were having our first little fight.
About that time Holden started crying. I got up and went to get him rocking him.
Yet again he was hungry and I had to feed him. Louis came in a couple minutes
later massaging my shoulders. " I don't like fussing with you." I said kissing
his hand. " Me neither, its just because we're tiered." I laid Holden in his
crib and went and kissed Louis. " I love you." I tell him. "I love you to,"he
replies. After that we walked back into the kitchen holding hands. " I'll keep
him tonight where y'all can go out." " Oh, no miss Johanna really it's okay." I
say shaking my head. " No, I insist. Really y'all need a night out." " Really,
mom?" Louis said giving her the are you sure look. " He's a handful, he cries
all the time." I told her trying to talk her out of it. I felt bad us going out
and her keeping Holden. " It's okay, im gonna need you to get me some bottles
tho." she said," I'll come get him about 5?" "Thank you so much Miss Johanna." I
said as she walked out the door. "Okay, so what ya wanna do?" Louis asked moving
closer putting his hands on my hips. "I say we just stay here." I whisper into
his neck. "I'm okay with that." he says kissing his neck. But you think you
know what happens next, huh? Nips not at all. We went into our room. And we
slept, until Holden cried and we began our nightly routine all over again.
Holden started crying about 4:30 so we woke up and I took a shower while
Louis watched Holden. Then Louis got in and I watched Holden. When Louis got out
he asked me," What are you wearing?" and I said," Where're we going?"," Where do
you wanna go?" " I don't really care." "Dinner?" "Sure." " Italian or Japanese?"
" Japanese." then he laughed. "Are we dressing up?" I asked him walking to my
closet. "Yea." I started laughing, " Louis I can't fit anything dressy, I
haven't lost all the baby weight yet." "Really?" he asked looking surprised. "
Yes, did I always look this pudgy?" I asked him getting a little annoyed. He
could tell I was getting mad and walked over to me grabbing my waist. " No,
babe. It's just you look beautiful. And your not pudgy now, you never were, not
even when you were pregnant. Your beautiful." aww, he made me blush. "Okay, but
what am I supposed to wear?" he laughed and went into my closet and got a black
tight strapless dress that was sparkly. "This," he said grabbing some black
heels. "and these." he took it to me and I put it on not really caring what I
looked like. Louis took Holden outside and walked him around while I was blow
drying my hair, that way he wouldn't cry and I wouldn't be worried about him.
They came back in when I was finished and laid on the bed. I curled the ends of
my hair and put on my make up. When I was finished I was sure to put on
deodorant and perfume. I walked over to Louis and he said," Wow." I smiled and
bit my lip. he walked over holding Holden and kissed me. " I have to make him a
bottle." I tell Louis grabbing this awkward thing you use to umm let's just say
make a bottle. He laughs at the face I make and I smile at him. Once we finish
that I pack the baby bag and we walk over to his moms.
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