2. Moments in Time<3

Hey, I'm Haley. Last year my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in
Doncaster London. I met the famous british/irish boy band One Direction. Me and
Louis fell in love and I ended up pregnant with his son. I had the baby and we
named him Holden Jacob Tomlinson.

This is the sequel to Accidentally in love<3!!!
so please read it first!!!

love yall,
Haley Marie soon to be Tomlinson, haha :) <3


2. Home at Last


               -Haley's POV- When we got home Louis toted Holden and I walked beside him holding his free  hand taking Holden to his room. We had painted his room and bought all the  furniture like the day after we decided on a name. His room was like safari  theme. His furniture was brown and his walls were blue. His little cover was  blue and brown giraffe print. All over the room were pictures. Some were hanging  on the walls and some were sitting on little shelves. His first picture, the  first sonogram, me and Louis, I loved it. There were some stuffed animals  sitting around in places and his name was spelled across one of the walls. We  allowed like no one to see his room, it along with his name was kept a secret.  Harry helped bring in the furniture and paint the walls because I wasn't very  much help with the heavy things. But, when it came time for the decorating we  kicked him out. Louis laid Holden's carrier on the changing table and I got him  out. We sat there in silence me holding Holden with Louis arm around my waist  just looking around. This silence wasn't awkward. It was like pure out knowing  this is how our life needed to be, it was complete. Holden was asleep so I laid  him in his crib, and Louis grabbed the baby monitor and turned the other one in.  We went into the little living room and cuddled for a little while watching tv.  Louis started kissing  my neck, and I bet you know what happened next, I mean it  had been like nine months.        About 15 minutes later Holden started crying and I started laughing. "  I'll get him," Louis said slipping on his pants. I nodded and got up and put  back on my clothes. Louis came in bouncing him. " How do we tell what he wants?"  Louis asked me. "Um, is he wet?" "No," Louis said patting his butt. "I guess he  is thirsty then." I said grabbing Holden and breast feeding him. Louis laughed  at me. " Im glad you think this is funny, daddy." he walked over and sat beside  me. " Does it feel weird?" he asked smiling. " No babe not at all," I said  sarcastically, he gave me this really? look and I smiled and said,"it tickles."  and he laughed once again. After that Holden fell back asleep and Louis took him  to his room. That's how our day resumed, well kinda,we watched tv, Holden cried,  we attended to what ever it was he needed, then more tv. About 5:30 Louis mom  walked out to the little guest house to see how everything was going and if we  were gonna cook or if we wanted to come eat with them. I looked at Louis and he  looked at me and I said to him ," Why not? I am tiered and don't really feel  like cooking." "Okay," he nodded and looked back at miss Johanna and asked her,"  What time?" she told us 7 and then left. " I need to take a shower." I told  Louis. He kissed me and said," What do I do if he cries?" "you pick him up and  see what he wants, but he shouldn't be hungry until about 8."I replied back  laughing at the fact that he was worried. I took a shower and came out to see  Louis bouncing Holden and singing Gotta be You. Aww. I sat there smiling leaned  against the door frame wrapped in a towel. Louis stopped and turned around. He  walked over and kissed me. " I need to take a shower." he said walking over and  putting a sleeping Holden in his cradle. I got the baby monitor and went in my  room to get dressed. I didn't know what to wear so I put on a thong and a bra  and started to blow dry my hair, which of course woke up Holden. Louis walked in  a few minutes later to me laying on the bed holding Holden. He walked over and  laid down beside me. " I can't blow dry my hair, " I told Louis. "Why?"he asked  kissing me behind me ear. "Holden cries." he laughs and asks, " what are you  gonna wear?" "Probably sweats, cause Im gonna have to scrunch my hair." I tell  him and he nods and goes to his drawer pulling out his sweats and grabs a tee  shirt from the closet. He gets dressed then grabs Holden. He sits on the bed  bouncing Holden as I get dressed in some grey sweats and a pink tee shirt, and I  scrunch my hair. We put Holden in a little blue/white striped onesie with some  blue socks, and a blue little hat,Louis's doings,he loves the sailor look. I  grabbed the baby bag and asked Louis," how am I supposed to feed him?" " umm we  can ask my mom. " he replied as we walked to Miss Johanna's. 
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