2. Moments in Time<3

Hey, I'm Haley. Last year my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in
Doncaster London. I met the famous british/irish boy band One Direction. Me and
Louis fell in love and I ended up pregnant with his son. I had the baby and we
named him Holden Jacob Tomlinson.

This is the sequel to Accidentally in love<3!!!
so please read it first!!!

love yall,
Haley Marie soon to be Tomlinson, haha :) <3


3. First Dinner with Holden


Once we walk in Daisy and Phoebe come running. They stop at Louis who was  holding Holden. I laugh, " Come here Holden," I say taking him from Louis. Right  when he was free handed Daisy and Phoebe jumped up and hugged him wrapping their  legs around him. I went in the kitchen laying the baby bag beside the door. "Hey  Miss Johanna." I said walking up to her. "Hello Haley, how was it being alone  for the first time with Holden?" she asked. " Okay I guess, he cries a lot." "  It gets better." she said as Louis walks in. He kissed her cheek and went and  pulled up a chair beside me. I handed him Holden. He sat there bouncing him  slowly. It was so cute when he held him. Tho Louis had always wanted a son. I  don't blame him, he was raised with all girls, younger girls at that. He once  told me before we found out that Holden was a boy, that if I had a girl first  beware because he wants a son and doesn't care how many girls he has to have  first to get one. His sisters came in and stood next to him with their hands on  their hips. I laughed a little. Louis, who was looking down at Holden heard me  laugh and turned to look at me. "what?" he smiled. I kinda leaned my head in the  girls direction. He turned to face them and stuck his tongue out at them. They  stuck theirs back. Poor girls don't think they like their brother having a baby  to much. Normally he would be down there in the floor wrestling with them,acting  younger than they are. I lay my head on his shoulder and yawn. The girls sit on  the floor. Miss Johann says, "Tiered?"I nod back," Yes mam." Louis kisses my  forehead and the girls giggle. He looks at me and I look and make sure Miss  Johanna isn't looking and kiss him on the lips, with tongue. The girls giggle,  haha about that time Miss Johanna asks,"What you two girls giggling so much  about?" " Nothing." me and Louis say really quickly. After that we all go sit at  the dining table. I am sitting at the end of the table across from Phoebe, Louis  is sitting next to me holding Holden across from Daisy. Next is Charlotte across  from Fizzy, and miss Johanna sits at the other end. I eat first while Louis  holds Holden then I take him and Louis eats. Louis kept making the girls laugh  at the table,I honestly don't know what he was doing. But I liked it, them  laughing at him was so adorable. After we ate we all went into the living room  and socialized for a little bit.  Holden was laying on a blanket on the floor  with Louis down there watching him leaned up against the couch. I was sitting on  the couch above him and Phoebe and Daisy were on each side of him. They were  both looking at Holden while Louis was talking to Lotte, Fizzy, Miss Johanna and  me. He started crying and squirming. Louis picked him up and started bouncing  him. He like would not shut up. "Baby, is he wet?" I asked getting up and  sitting in front of Louis on the floor moving the blanket where Holden was  laying. "Nope," Louis said handing Holden to me. He was hungry, great. "Mom can  she feed him in here?" Louis asked miss Johanna. "Do you have a blanket?" she  asked me. " Yes mam." I told her bouncing him while Louis gets up and gets the  bag. I stand up and get the blanket from Louis. I sit and Louis sits beside me  with his arm around my shoulder. I sit there Brest feeding Holden with 4 young  girls in the room, awkward. Daisy goes and sits by Louis. " Daisy, Phoebe will  yall please sit over there for a minute."  Louis asks them. After Holden is fed  he goes to sleep. We stay a little longer and about 8:30 we decide we need to go  home where Holden can sleep. They all give us hugs and the girls kiss Holden on  his head. I'm still not very sure about letting them hold him. 
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