2. Moments in Time<3

Hey, I'm Haley. Last year my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in
Doncaster London. I met the famous british/irish boy band One Direction. Me and
Louis fell in love and I ended up pregnant with his son. I had the baby and we
named him Holden Jacob Tomlinson.

This is the sequel to Accidentally in love<3!!!
so please read it first!!!

love yall,
Haley Marie soon to be Tomlinson, haha :) <3


8. Dress Shopping


Okay, so today we are going dress shopping. I honestly think it is gonna be fun,  but my mom is coming and Holden is going. She is meeting us here where she can  meet Louis. " Baby, what's your moms name?" Louis asked me," Oh, wow I've never  told you her name?" "Nope," he said laughing. " Her name is Michelle." he  nodded. I smiled and pulled him in for a kiss. About that time there was a knock  at the door and I went and opened it. " Hey, mom"I said smiling. " Hey," she  said hugging me. Louis walked up behind me I turned and said ," Mom, this is  Louis," she waves " and Louis this is my mom Michelle." "Hey, nice to meet you,"  Louis said sticking out his  hand and she grabbed it and shook it, " Nice to  meet you to." We walked inside and I said," I have to put on make-up, " I said  smiling and walked back to my room. When I got finished I walked back in there.  I sat beside Louis and grabbed his hand. I looked him in the eyes and said,"  Mom, we need to tell you something." " What's wrong?" she replied. " Nothing,  it's just that Louis and I, we umm.." "Y'all?" I look at Louis and say, "we have  a son." "What?! You didn't even tell me? Haley. How old is he?" "Calm down, I  didn't know how to tell you. I didn't want to call you and tell you. I wanted to  tell you face to face." then Holden started crying. Louis got up and got Holden.  He came back in bouncing him and handed him to me. " He is five months old, and  his name is Holden Jacob Tomlinson." I tell her handing her her grandson. " he  looks just like you," she says smiling at Louis. " that's what I told him, but  he says he has my nose." I laugh. " Do your friends and sister know? And what  about Carrie?" she asks. " They all know, and uncle Drake  was mad."  We continued to talk about Holden and my pregnancy and all until my friends show  up. They hadn't seen him sense that day when we were still in the hospital. "  Aww!! "They all say and Lacey comes and takes him from our mom, baby hogs. Louis  kissed my cheek and left for tux fitting with the guys. Btw, we have now decided  on Lacey, Kayla,and Ansley as my brides maids and Mary as my maid of honor and,  Niall, Liam, and ,for Louis groomsmen and Harry was his best man. Daisy and  Phoebe were our flower girls. Oh, and Holden was ring bearer, he would be  escorted by Paul. We left and went shopping, (all the people I mentioned earlier  that would go).     When we get there I find this beautiful dress. It was white and strapless,  fitted to the mid-thigh then like ruffly things down to the bottom. Just my luck  the last one they had was my size. When I put it on it was beautiful. Everyone  said it was perfect for me. We put it on hold and I tried on like a million  other dresses, but none seemed to be as perfect as that one. Well guess what,  that's the one I got. Mary, being my maid of honor was in charge of making sure  the dress was kept safe, clean, untouched, and most importantly, away from  Louis!! After that we went brides maid dress shopping. Our colors were white,  grey, and purple. The dresses we ended up getting were to the  mid-thigh, and  they were purple. The bottom was ruffled and the top was fitted and strapless  with a little sash looking thing that had a little jeweled thing on them. They  were so cute! We all went home and miss Johanna went to check up on the guys.  
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