The I love 1D Solution

Movellas is full of stories of girls falling for one or more members of 1D and can't decide which they love most... This is the solution to all their problems.


3. Singing

OMFG!! THEY are on stage!!!!

They start their act with "What Makes You Beautiful", my second favorite song.

I am positive they all looked at me at least once during that song!

Wait... Wait! They just finished the song and Harry is taking the microphone!

"Hello everybody!!" My God, what a sexy voice!

"Thank you for coming! To our special fans, we have a little suprise for one very lucky fan! In my hand I am holding a single backstage pass. I will be throwing it out to the crowd during our next song, feel free to catch it and use it!"

The volume and cheering in the room increased dramatically.

The boys started "It's Gotta Be You", my favorite song! I knew this was an omen! I am definitely getting that pass.

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