The I love 1D Solution

Movellas is full of stories of girls falling for one or more members of 1D and can't decide which they love most... This is the solution to all their problems.


6. 3 months later...

I sat down at the kitchen of my new apartment, and started to make breakfast for the guys, all of which were my boy friends.

In today's day and age we have gay and lesbian pride, mostly started by celebrities, so thanks to me and my five guys, we started polygamy pride.

I opened the nearest magazine and read front page article:

One Direction admits to converting Mormon.

The five guys and one girl. All like her, she can't decide who she likes best. Solution: Marry all five. The spectacular wedding is set for November, and will be first public polygamous wedding.

Jealous fan girls have started looking at other boy bands and convincing them to do the same, but the question still remains: Will it work?

Ah, I love being on the news...

One by one my fiances came downstairs, smiling happily... probably about last night... 

I learnt, If you can't have just one, have them all!

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