Forever Mine

Liam and Harry both fall for a girl named Stephanie, and she falls for both of them too. But what will happen when something dramictly terrible happens? Will they forget about her? Or will she choose? **This is my second fanfic so please no hate (: -Sharni**


4. Your All I Can Think About.

Liam's POV:

I woke next to Stephanie. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping. I kissed her fore head, her eyes fluttered open. I didn't regret last night and I'm guessing she didn't either. I think I love her.. But I'm not sure she feels the same.. Yet. "Morning, babe." I said to her while stroking her hair. "Morning." She with a huge smile on her face. "Liam, I.. I know it is probably still too soon, but.. I can't help but think about you. You are all I can actually think about, and well.. I.. I love you." She said with hopeful eyes. "I love you, too." I said leaning in to kiss her. Sparks, fireworks, all were flying around us. I did. I loved her. That was definite. She was beautiful anything I could have. She was mine. "I want you to be my girlfriend. So.. Will you, Stephanie Jade Smith, be my girlfriend?" I said smiling at her. "Yes. Of course, babe!" She said quickly before kissing me again, but gently. She was mine. Only mine..

Stephanie's POV:

I was so happy when Liam asked me to be his girlfriend. He also loved me too. This was great.. I was so glad to have had that shift at StarBucks, otherwise this would have never had happened. But I still don't know who is the guy I should be with.. I mean I know I was going out with Liam, but I still couldn't help feel that maybe, Harry was the one. I shook all thoughts out of my head. I reached for my phone. 50 mentions.. All hate. You get used to it, but still some comments hurt me. Not heaps, but just the occasional;

'You are so UGLY why would anyone love you? I hope you get hit by a bus! Stay away from MY Liam! You ugly bitch.'

But it doesn't hurt, too much. I just don't let it bother me.. I don't think I'm 'pretty' but I also don't think I'm ugly. But sometime they are right. Why did Liam choose me and for that matter, Harry? I mean I'm nothing special, I mean their fans (other than me) are GORGEOUS! So I just don't get it.. I was snapped out of my trail of thoughts by the doorbell ringing. Who could it be? I get up, get changed quickly and open the door to see none other than my two best friends, Trinity and Jamie! Omg! What are they doing here?! "Hey guys, what are you guys doing here??" I ask with a huge smile on my face. "Just thought we would see how your going.." Jamie replied. I nodded and laughed. I hugged them both and lead them inside. "Alright so have you guys had your breakfast yet?" They shook their heads. I laughed a bit and started to make pancakes. After I made them I sat down to eat and Liam came down, in only sweat pants, no top. Oh god, he is so hot. But I think maybe Harry is the one. I look over to Jamie and Trinity and they have their eyes widened. They look at me, then Liam, then back to me. "Guys, calm down." I say laughing a bit. Liam joins in. "How?!" "When did you?!" "Did you?!" They said shocked not finishing any of their sentences. Jamie knew a bit of this but not too much and well you can say, they fainted. Oh my god. These girls. Liam and I dragged them to the couch. Liam and I laughed a bit.

Liam's POV:

Who were these girls? I'm guessing they were her friends but still. "So who are these girls?" I asked looking straight up at Stephanie's face. She was so beautiful. I don't know why people say she is ugly. I just don't see it. "They are my best friends, Trinity and Jamie." She said pointing to them individually. Trinity looked like Zayn's type.. I wonder if he would like her? And Jamie looked like Niall's type, she was beautiful, well they both are. But I don't have any interest in them. Stephanie's friends are my friends. I smiled at her and went over to give her hug. She hugged me back, but it felt like she was hiding something from me.. I just ignored it. We let go and went to eat. "You know, your all I can think about." I said to her and she smiled. She leaned over and kissed me. "Me too." She said shakily but with a smile on lips. I ignored that too, it was probably nothing.


Stephanie's POV:

"I'm just gonna go out for a bit. K?" I said to Liam. "Ok, babe." He replied. I grabbed my keys and opened the door. I went out and walked to my brand new car, I bought a couple of months ago. I entered it and 'Count on me' by Bruno Mars started to play. I started to sing to it, knowing all of the lyrics. I was driving and finally got to Harry's flat. I'm going to tell him, he the one. I got out of my car and knocked on the door. Niall came and said I could come in. "Thanks." I replied. I went up to Harry's room without knocking and there he was. Anger and sadness filled inside of me. He was kissing another girl. How could he? I ran out crying. I ran to my car and started to drive to a local park that always calms me down. I stopped the car and locked it. I ran to the nearest bench under a beautiful pink cherry blossom tree and sat there. Crying. Thinking. It was clear to me now. I didn't really think Harry was the one, I was just confused. Then it came into my head. Liam was actually the one I loved. Not Harry. Wow. I know, it seems like I think they are all 'the one' but I think Liam actually is. Five minutes later, Liam came over to me. How did he know I was here? I hugged him tight. "What's wrong, love?" He asked me worriedly. "It's just I was confused, and I thought Harry could have been the one but then it was clear to me. You are the one. Not him. Nothing can change what I think, I love you.." He smiled at me, eventually. "I love you too." He said before kissing me. He always understood me. No matter what. "But then, why are you crying?" He asked me confused. "Because Harry was kissing another girl." I said as a tear escaped my eye. "I would never, ever do that to you. I love you too much." He said and that made me feel much better. Until Harry came. What was he doing here? I thought to my self angrily.

Harry's POV:

I was here, at the park. I saw Stephanie's and Liam's car there, I knew where she would've gone. I walked over an there sat Stephanie and Liam. Liam was holding her as she laid her head on his lap. I guess I was a bit jealous. But this was my fault. I kissed her, that girl. Her name was Teagan and I guess I liked her a bit, but I kissed her because I wanted to forget about Stephanie. But that was a huge mistake. She looked up at me with anger in her eyes. I felt so bad. "What are you doing here?" She asked very angrily. Liam looked at me with a 'how could you' sort of look. I looked down at the ground and started to talk, "I'm sorry, Stephanie." She then looked sad but still very angry. "Well, that doesn't matter." She said bluntly. "But Stephanie I-" she cut me off. "Liam, could I talk to Harry privately for a second?" Liam nodded and walked away. "I trusted you, I was at your flat to tell you that I thought you were the one." Thought? Oh man I screwed up. So much! "But now I see it was obviously nothing. I meant NOTHING to you. I was just another one of your dolls. It was a mistake Harry, nothing even matters anymore. I'm done. I'm going home and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I love Liam and tell him that. But I don't love you." That hurt, a lot. "Goodbye." She said pushing me out of the way. What did she mean 'I'm done'? Then it came clear to me. Oh god, oh god. "LIAM!" I yelled he came running back. "What happened?" He asked worriedly. I'll explain later, but we gotta get home. I think Stephanie's going to kill herself." Liam ran as soon as he heard that, I followed him. We both jumped on his car. This was awkward but it also scared me that we might be too late. We finally got to her house. We ran out the car and opened the door. We ran straight to the bathroom where we heard yelling and banging. Two girls were there, shouting "Don't do this! We love you! Liam loves you!" She didn't answer. Liam ran up to the door and tried to open it. "It's locked, we tried." The girl on the right said. "Oh yeah, I know it sort of isn't the time but this is Jamie and Trinity, Stephanie's Best friends. Stephanie!! Please open the door." She finally replied. "No! I love you too, Liam. But knowing I was just another one of Harry's dolls, I can't do it.." She trailed off. "But Stephanie, you weren't." I finally said. They all looked at me with anger and confusion.

Stephanie's POV:

"But Stephanie, you weren't." I didn't believe him. I grabbed my razor and cut deeply. It hurt and I screamed a bit, not too loud. Liam finally got the door open. I cut deeper and blood was gushing everywhere. I dropped the razor and fell. Liam came over to me crying a bit and same with everyone else. My life literally flashed before my eyes. Then it all went black.

**A/N: Sorry for not updating sooner, but I was busy. Anyway thanks for reading, p.s please check out my friends movella, it's called, forever love. The title sounds similar to mine but the story is totally different. She has been working so hard on it, thanks. -Sharni xx (:**
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