Forever Mine

Liam and Harry both fall for a girl named Stephanie, and she falls for both of them too. But what will happen when something dramictly terrible happens? Will they forget about her? Or will she choose? **This is my second fanfic so please no hate (: -Sharni**


2. Truth Or Dare?

Liam's POV:

I could tell Harry liked her. But I gave him a look to tell him that he should back off, because she is, well going to be, mine. Stephanie was a nice name. I really liked it. "Do you wanna play a game?" I asked her. She nodded. "TRUTH OR DARE!!" Louis shouted at the top of his lungs. "Ok, ok. Calm down Lou." Niall said. Well lets get started." Zayn said making his way to sit on the ground. "Alright." Stephanie said and sat down next to Harry patting a spot next to her for me to sit down. I did and Louis then said, "Alright, Zayn Truth or Dare?" You could see Zayn was thinking about this. "Dare." "Hmm.. I dare you to.. KISS NIALL! For more than 10 seconds!" Niall looked more uncomfortable than Zayn. Zayn refused to do so, so we all had shots. After a while and a few more shots we obviously all drunk. Then Zayn came up with a dare for Stephanie. "I dare you to kiss Liam, full on for at least 5 seconds." I shrugged and she went to kiss me, I counted the time that went on.. 5 seconds, done. But we both kept going until Niall came back with a cold bucket of water and tipped it on us.

Niall's POV:

Okay, now this was getting disgusting. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a bucket and filled it up with icy cold water. I came out and tipped it all over them. They suddenly broke apart. Liam looked at angry. I looked over to Harry who also looked angry.. But more...hurt? Nah! It was probably my mind playing tricks on me, I mean I am drunk.

Harry's POV:

I was pissed at Zayn for doing that dare. Then when they kissed, I was even more pissed. I hadn't even noticed Niall had left and came back with a bucket of water, until he poured it all over them. Then Liam looked at Niall he looked about as pissed as me, when they were kissing. I was jealous! And I couldn't deny it. I love her, but she doesn't know, because she loves Liam.. And only Liam.

**A/N sorry for how short the last 2 chapters had been I couldn't really think of anything, but I have heaps of ideas now!! So the next chapters will be longer. Thanks for reading! xx Sharni (:**

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