Forever Mine

Liam and Harry both fall for a girl named Stephanie, and she falls for both of them too. But what will happen when something dramictly terrible happens? Will they forget about her? Or will she choose? **This is my second fanfic so please no hate (: -Sharni**


6. Louis? And What Just Happend?

**Sorry, short chapter.**


Stephanie's P.O.V:

**1 month later (For the story she hasn't got memory loss.)**

I've been laying in bed for two days now, crying. Just crying.. I'm very confused, Louis, Harry, Liam? For some reason, even if Harry did do that to me.. I think I still like him.. I don't know. Maybe, My mind needs some sort of good news, and by saying I like Harry, maybe that's it. But don't really know about Liam, I mean, I know he's my boyfriend, but it seems that he doesn't love me anymore, he gives the cold shoulder more often now.. But, Louis. I-I think I... love him? Oh my god. Realization just hit me. I love Louis. But, the question is.. does he love me? I don't know, I start crying again because I these feelings are too strong to just.. push back down. I know I'm going to be left heart-broken.I just know it.suddenly, the door opens. I immediantly stop crying. I wipe my eyes and turn around to look at who's standing there. Louis. Not to sound rude but, he's the last person I need to see right now. He walks over to me, with a worried expresion. I smile at him to re-assure him, that everything is fine. He obviously doesn't believe me. He sits down on my bed and I immediantly pull him in for a hug. I can't fight it anymore. I love Louis. He chuckles. Why? "I love you, too." Oh my god, I said that outloud?! "Yes, you did." He laughs again. "I really need to stop doing that." I say, laughing a little. "Yes, you do.. B-but do you?" I furrow my eye-brows. "What?" "Do  you love me?" He said, sounding a bit hurt. "Yes. I do. I really do.. I can't fight it. I do. I love you, Louis." "I-I love you too." He replied back, looking deep into my eyes. "B-but wh-what about Eleanor?" I said, never letting go of his gaze. His face immediantly dropped. "Lou.." I said whispering. He looked down at his hands which he had in his lap. [Don't take that the wrong way.] "What happened?" I continued. "Sh-She.." He trailed off. I nodded. "She cheated on me." He said, barely audible. "Oh my god.." I whispered, reaching out for his hand. He jerked it back. Did I do something wrong? A tear rolled down his cheeck but he furiously wiped it away. "Lou, I'm so sorry..." "Don't be." He simpily said, angrily. He stood up, furiously and walked over to my bedroom door. "Louis, What's wrong? Did I do something? Louis, TELL ME!" I demanded, with a few tears escaping my eyes. He shook his head and slammed the door shut, after he had walked out. Worried thoughts just running through my head, what did I do? I didn't do anything, did I? What's wrong? Why was he so angry at me? Was this somehow my fault? But mainly was going through my was; What just happend?

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