Forever Mine

Liam and Harry both fall for a girl named Stephanie, and she falls for both of them too. But what will happen when something dramictly terrible happens? Will they forget about her? Or will she choose? **This is my second fanfic so please no hate (: -Sharni**


1. And You Are..?

Stephanie's POV:

I looked at the time. 6:30 AM. I have been awake for half an hour now. I keep trying to get back to sleep, but I can't. Just then I remembered my job starts at 7:00 AM. I should get ready. I got out of my bed and opened my curtains only to be blinded by the light. I turned around and headed to the shower. After my shower it was already 6:42 AM. I walked out of my room in a towel and picked out some clothes, Black shorts and a plain white tee-shirt. I grabbed my phone, purse just after I had finished putting on my make up. I grabbed my keys and walked to my car. As soon as I entered and turned on the radio, one directions new single came on, Live While We're Young. I was a big fan and I knew all of there songs and the lyrics to them. I pulled up to Starbucks, where I worked in London. I parked my car where I usually parked it. I got out and walked inside. I grabbed my stuff and looked at the time. 6:59 AM. One more minute. I walked out ready to start my shift. After about 20 minutes of customers coming and going, I started to get bored. I looked down at the desk and looked around to see if anyone was there and saw a guy about my age walk in with a hoodie and sunglasses. Shit. Was he going to rob me?! Then he walked up to the counter. Wait. He, he wasn't a robber.. HE WAS LIAM PAYNE FROM ONE DIRECTION! Oh my god! My breathing increased and then he spoke. "Hi, um, can I get a latte and one of those?" He said pointing to the case of Blueberry muffins. I nodded. "Are you ok?" He asked me. I just nodded, and smiled.
"Ok then." He said smiling. I got his latte and his blueberry muffin and gave it to him. I was about to walk away when he asked me something. "I know we just met but, umm, can I-can I get your number?" "Yeah, I guess." I said calmly but on the inside I was screaming and fangirling. Liam Payne from One Direction had just asked me for my number. This had to be the best day of my life. He gave me his phone and I typed in my number, saved it and gave it back to him. I walked away and continued taking orders and giving them their orders. But all I could think about was Liam, he was going through a lot, I mean him and Danielle had just broken up, but this was a couple of weeks ago, but I knew he was still hurting just a little bit. After my shift finished, I went home. I got into my house and checked my phone. 2 missed calls and 3 new messages. I opened up call history and it was from an unknown number. Then I opened my messages. One of them said

'From: Unknown.

Hey, it's Liam. Just wondering if you would want to come to my house and meet the rest of the boys?'

I saved his number to my contacts and I replied back,

'To: Liam

Yes of course but where do you live?'

I read the rest of my messages. One from my Best friend, Jamie, she was wondering if I wanted to go shopping after my shift. I told her how I was going to Liam Paynes place. Of course her being her usual, Directioner she fangirled on and I would too if it wasn't happening to me.

Then a reply from Liam came.

'From: Liam

I'll come to your place and drive you there if you would like?'

'To: Liam

Sure, I'm 114, Oxford street.'

(I don't actually live in London so I just said Oxford street.)

20 minutes later, I was all ready and waiting for Liam. He was all I could think about. Liam, Liam, Liam. Then I heard a knock on the door. I opened and there stood Liam dressed casually and he looked so sexy. "Hi." He said to me while looking at me from head to toe. I was doing the exact same thing. "Hey." Walked down to his car and soon enough we were driving to his house to meet the rest of 'the boys', as he calls them. We got there and he led my up to the door and opened it. I walked in and there they were.

Harry's POV:

There she was, the girl who Liam was going on about. She was exactly what he said she was. Gorgeous. I jaw had dropped and I looked around to see the other boys who had there eyes widened and there jaws were dropped too. I looked back at her and she was blushing. "Hey, so who's this beautiful girl?" I asked winking at her and she blushed even more. Then Liam gave me a look like to say 'back off, she's mine'. I just smiled at him. "I err I'm Stephanie." She said a bit shy. "Well I'm Harry, but you probably already know who we are." She nodded. She was so cute, but she was Liam's, not mine.

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