The Quiet

I followed her gaze to the other side of the room, where there were two windows. One was closed tightly. But the other was opening slowly. I could see some kind of shadow come over the bottom.

Someone was coming inside.


7. Uninvited

I knew that voice. It was a voice I had become accustomed to for the last three years, and it never failed to get under my skin, because I knew the owner. They sat next to me, uninvited, and looked towards the double doors after Cari.

“Hi, Lena. “ I didn’t hide my irritation, but she didn’t seem to catch on.

“Who was that girl? I’ve seen you with her a lot lately.” She pushed her long, black hair out of her eyes and wrinkled her nose like she’d just smelled something nasty.

“She’s the new girl,” I said, and smiled.

“Her?” Lena raised an eyebrow. “But look at her!”

“I have been.” I smirked, knowing it would only irritate her. And by her facial expression, it worked.

“Really, Clay? You’re going to go chasing her when you could have me?”

I sighed. Of course she was going to pull this shit again. She usually did. Every time I was interested in someone, or if I even looked at another girl in an appreciative way, she jumped at the chance to throw herself at me.

“Why do you always do that?” I asked, glaring at her.

“Do what?”

Holy fuck did her voice ooze innocence.

“Jesus Christ.” I literally had my hands in my hair and I was about to rip some strands out. “Just stop fucking acting like you’re still that important to me, that I still feel that way about you. We aren’t together anymore.”

Lena had the face of someone who had just been slapped. She also looked like she was going to cry. I hated when girls did that, and even though this was her doing it, it still got to me. I tried to apologize but she just looked at me venomously.

“You’re a real asshole you know that, Clay?”

It was only after she left that I realized I was being watched. Several students stared at me, some giving me a withering look, while others just laughed. But there was one person in particular that caught my eye.


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