love is all they need

when harry styleses brother luke meets his girlfriends cusin they will fall in love but what happens when his ex wants him back is love all they need read and find out


3. textinq with harry

                                         harry's p.o.v 

 well i met this wonderful gurl named marri ithink i was gunna make my move on her but not right right now after a few days any ways well while i was thinkinq she texted me

                                      marri's p.o.v

i decided to text herry because i couldnt stop thinkinq about him

m:heey itshh marri

h:hii marri i was just thinkinq about u

m: ohh mee too and wyd

h:watchinq toy story with the boys and u

m:ohh nothinq just here with my cuzin

h:ohh i wish you were here because all of the boys are cuddleinq except me soo itshh like really wierd

m:ill come if u want me to

h:really its like 1 are u sure



m:send me the adress and is it ok if i bring my cusin because shes stayinq with me tonight and i dont want her to be alone

h:yeeaa i have a brother she can hang out with

m:how old is he??


m:ohh okayy gewd because my cuzins 15 too

h:okayy umm soo ill be waitinq for u ;)

m:ok let me just get ready and is it ok if we spend the night

h:yeeaa itshh fine

m:ok im on my way

so i went to tell lupita about whut happen and of corse lupita would ask if his brother cute so i had to text harry

m:harry can u send a pic of ur brother because my cusin wants to see him

h:yeeaa here he is

i show the picture to lupita and she said ok because he was cute so we were on our way and we stopped because we were there





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