love is all they need

when harry styleses brother luke meets his girlfriends cusin they will fall in love but what happens when his ex wants him back is love all they need read and find out


4. meetinq luke

                      lupita's p.o.v

soo marii told me were goinq to harrys i mean im totaly fan girlinq itshh a once and a lifetime thin to goto ur idols house and we were on our way and when we got there i just saw there house that thinq was huge and i mean Huge well marii was a pussy to knock on the door so i did and when i knocked on the door this bomb ass boy answerd the door his eyes and his hair uyy just soo cute but i knew he wouldnt fall for mee

           lukes p.o.v

so harry told me that girls were cominq good way to get my mind off of hanna since we broke up with me and wile i was thinkinq of what if she was way prettyer than hanna i mean dont get me wrong hanna was pretty but what if this gurl is way better than hanna well my thoughts got ruenied by a knock on the door and when i answerd it i was right it was a girl way pretter than hanna we stared into eachothers eyes until i said somthing

luke:h-hey im luke

lupita:i-im lupita

luke:c-come in you two


luke:soo want to go to my room

Lupita:umm sure

we walk to my room and i decided to ask her out

luke:umm lupita can i ask u somthing

lupita:sure what is it

luke:i know we only met but i think its love do u want to go out

lupita:yea only if u promise one thing

luke:yeaa any thing

lupita:dont break my heart

luke:i promise i wont

and thats how me and lupita became a couple

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