love is all they need

when harry styleses brother luke meets his girlfriends cusin they will fall in love but what happens when his ex wants him back is love all they need read and find out


2. how it all started

                     lupita's p.o.v

i was on my computer tryinq to win me one direction tickets i had 10 seconds till i win the tickets 10...9...8....7....6....5....4......3.....2......1*click* i win i offacaly won one direction tickets who knew a loser like me would win one direction tickets. well i have a problem i have two tickets and i dont want to take my sister so ill just ask my mom if i could take my fav cousin. so i ran to my moms work and asked her she said yea so i have to go ask my fav cousin marii.

                    marii's p.o.v

 lupita camee in my house with out even knocking how rude. anyways she asked me if i wanted to go to the one direction concert with her i aggred because i knew she didnt want to take her sister with her. well after she asked me she left . so what happen was she comes in my house without knockinq askes me if i wanted to goto a one direction concet i say yea then she leaves classy lupita.

         *skippinq to the concert*

             lupita's p.o.v

so today was the concert and i was SUPER excited because i got back stage passes so i get to meet one direction in person. i never had a fav i liked them equaly.any ways we sat down and like after five minites the video came on and one direction started to sing and bla bla bla you know the rest anyways well we went back stage and we met one direction i could already tell marri was fallinq for harry well i let her be the judge of that

           marii's p.o.v

 well me and lupita went backstage and boom ive alredy fallen for harry. but i know he wont fall for me. soo we continue and thats when i decide to start a convo with harry

marii:hi harry

harry:hey cutie

marri:so umm how have you been

harry:good since ive layed eyes on you

marri:oh stop it

harry:itshh true i cant help my self


harry: maybe we should hang out sometime

marii:ok whats your number

he telles me his number i tell him his and with that we left and fell asleepp hadd a good dayy to day

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