love is all they need

when harry styleses brother luke meets his girlfriends cusin they will fall in love but what happens when his ex wants him back is love all they need read and find out


1. in trodusinq the charaters

Maricela Nieto:the one who is datinq harry 

Harry Styles:the one who is datinq marii

Lupita montesinos:the one who datinq luke

Luke styles:harry styles brother and the one datinq lupita

Liam payne:from 1D

Niall horan:also 1D 

Zayn malik :him too

Louis tomlinson :also him

Eleanor clarder:louis girl

Parrie edwards:zayns girl

Evelyn hernandez:liams girl

Emma rosales:nialls girl

Hanna perez:luke's ex girlfrend and lupita's enimy  also the one who wants to get back with luke

marleen:the girl who gets in everyones bisness and also is hanna's wifey




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