Little Things

When Alyssa returns to home, she almost faints when she realizes she lives next to not just some boy, but one of the one direction boys, Liam Payne. She has to realize that she can't move on without a choice and that fame doesn't really matter.


1. Teenage Dream

I would never think that Japan had the most disgusting airport of all time, but it was for a good cause that I was here. My father works a lot and had a really important business trip to Osaka, and he decided to bring me along, so here we are in filthy airline seats waiting for landing. In about ten minutes we would touch ground. I was just finishing up the song Teenage Dream on my iPod when we hit the ground and the plain rumbled. I was finally home and ready to tell everybody about Japanese culture. It was a fantastic trip, but I was exhausted and glad to be back. After rolling our suitcases through a maze of people in the Doncaster airport. Finally, we were in the cab and heading for home. My mother had died when I was five years old, and she would always email and dad, but this time we couldn't get any emails. She was gone and I was depressed, but that's life. Right?
The cab came to a halt and I was extremely knackered from the trip. I got out of the car and got out my fathers suitcase. We rolled each others bags to the door and dad took out the key. He opened the door for us to head in, but I needed some air after being on that long flight back. He closed the door and I sat on the porch of our flat. Things were different. Different paint jobs, plants in yards, and different people. Very different people. In fact, right across the street from us, was brown haired boy, tall, doing yard work. He was sweating. He was cool. And after a while of watching from the porch, he was awesome. This boy was a teenage dream.
I barely noticed that he was waving at me whilst I stared on and on at his beautiful face. He finally came over. This was the crazy moment I was waiting for for thirty minutes. I got up from the chair and we shook hands.
"Hello. I'm Liam. Pleasure to meet you. We just moved in down the street. Your name?"
This was just too much thrown at me. What a great surprise! I come back from Osaka and an extremely cute (and very polite) boy has moved in across the street! I waited some time before I answered to look him over. I needed to answer or it would get awkward.
"Alyssa Johansen. It's very nice meeting you Liam."
"Same here! Well dinners ready so cherio love!"
He walked away and I stood, stared, and smiled so hard. He just changed my life. And he called me love! I couldn't wait till tomarrow. When we could meet again!
I opened the front door and walked in. Tomarrow was going to be great. But now, I was going to have teenage dreams of Liam. Liam Payne. The boy next door.
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