Little Things

When Alyssa returns to home, she almost faints when she realizes she lives next to not just some boy, but one of the one direction boys, Liam Payne. She has to realize that she can't move on without a choice and that fame doesn't really matter.


2. One Of The Boys

I woke up to my alarm clock screaming, California Gurls. Today I was inviting leanne over. We had been besties since like sixth grade and on. Her house was having electricity problems. She came over and we talked about some college project our professor gave us on history. Most of the talk was about the project, but we started trailing off. Onto "boy" topics, like any girls would do. I told her all about Liam. How said his name, started the conversation, how he was such a gentleman, and how we were perfect. We felt a firework when we met. Or at least, I did.
We went outside because he was mowing the grass. His hair was for any boy to die for. So was his body. So was his everything. He walked across the street to my flats yard with a football in his hand.
" hey ther Alyssa! Nice to see you again. And this must be your friend and her name is..."
I responded with a big smile. He knew my name!
"this is Leanne. She's my bestie!"
"well hello Leanne. Beautiful name. Nice to meet you!"
Leanne answered him politley, "nice to meet you too Liam! "
He tossed me the ball and I was so unprepared it hit me in the arm.
I shouted, "hey no fair!" with a laugh, and threw it back playfully. God, Liam seemed AWESOME! He was so cute when he ran! He would throw the ball to me a lot, and I loved the fact that after one day, we were already great friends. One problem. U wanted more than this. He should be my friend, but more importantly my BOYfriend. We felt fireworks when we were near. Or at least I did. I invited him inside for a smoothie or a cold drink after all the rough housing in the miniature football game outside. We were panting with thirst, so I opened the door quickly.
"you're wicked good at sports ally! You have a boys throw!" said Liam enthusiastically.
Was he kidding?! He gave me a nickname! How cute! I was a little disappointed though. I was expecting him to compliment my "girls side". Not my boyish sporty side. But what the heck. I answered him, "you're not that bad yourself! You're real fast Liam!"
He didn't wait to respond, "I had a reserve spot for Olympic running believe it or not!"
I couldn't believe it, he was a super hot athlete slash football player. Amazing!!! Not to mention his manners were lovely! Any parent would love him! We got into this big conversation about soccer and ball sports, when he interrupted me.
"ally, I have to go. Mum wants me home for lunch. I had a great time! It's grand to finally have someone that's one of the boys! See you girls! "
He left me with the right words to say vanishing from my mouth. Did he seriously just calls me, Alyssa Johansen, one of the boys?
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