A Dream Come true

I dont really know how to write a little whats it about thing but here it goes.
also everything in this fan fic isnt true like the amanda todd thing is true but i dont know about her having a friend named Ashley so yeah here it goes for real lol.
I woke up was that all what was gonna happen? is it gonna happen?
was that all.....
A dream come true...
or more like a nightmare.


1. Getting ready

Ashleys P.O.V

I woke up by the sound of my alarm beeping, " BEEP BEEP BEEP " " ughhh " i groaned as i turned off the alarm, " honey your gonna be late for school...... get ready fast and we have pancakes today your favourite " my mom talk shouted in her normal cheery voice, " comming muh and .... uhh thanks" i shouted back. As i got up, first I set my bed like i always do, then i was heading my way to the bathroom. I stood frozen in the mirror to see a huge spider on my cheek, it was crawling up my face, so as fast as i could , I slapped my face mainly to kill the spider , but WOW IM SO GENIUS me slapped my fave when the spider was actually on the mirror " woo hoo" i mumbled stupidly.
I tied my curly dirty blonde hair in a messy bun, with the hair elastic i found on my wrist, i brushed my teeth, washed my face, stripped down my clothes , took the elastic out of my hair , shook my hair making it go in every direction, then stepping in my shower:

( skip this if you want its half the lyrics to a song)

do you hear me im talking to you
across the water across
the deep blue ocean
under the open sky
oh my baby im trying
boy i hear you
in my dreams
i feel your whisper
across the sea
keep you with my heart
you make it easier when life gets hard
im lucky im in love with my best friends
lucky to have been where i have been
lucky to be coming home again
ooooooooooooh ooooh
they dont know how long it takes
waiting for a love like this
every time we say good bye
i wish we had one more kiss
i'll wait for you
i promise
ii weelll
ah ha ha

I started singing Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) and ended the song half way thru it. I love that song it just ....... like ....... i dont ...... feel like who i really am when i sing or listen to that song .... i just ..... i really dont know why. I stepped out of the shower as soon as i washed the shampoo off of my hair, i got the dryer, started drying my hair and when i finished i shook my hair once more, i took a towel and started drying myself as i stepped out of the bathroom.
I headed towards my walk-in-closet it is so HUGE i have like a million jackets pants shorts skirts shirts dresses scarfs tank tops you name them all i have them all, as i closed the door of my
walk-in-closet, my eyes caught a glimpes of something behind the door, there were like about i dont know like 40 bags of clothes from all different kind of stores " aww thank you mummzy " i whispered to my self. mummzy got me new clothes aww shes the best mom EVER!! , oh and if your wondering about something , well yeah i am mega rich but i dont like it when people talk about how rich i am or how big my house is it really bothers me.
For todays clothes i picked a purple tank top thats all ruffled up at the top, some short shorts that are tie-dye , purple converses,and topped it all with a cute tie-die scarf ( and um i also am wearing underwear and a bra just to inform).
I got all my clothing on, got out of my walk-in-closet and headed to my white dresser.When i got to my dresser i went to the nightstand beside my bed, held up my iphone in my hand and started scrolling down my songs when a song caught my eye Strangers ( feat Pusha T) Before i played the song first i put my ipod in the ipod dock , put it full speaker and it was blasting , my mom didnt care if i put it as loud as i want to so no problem for me. As i headed back to my dresser i started singing:
na na hooo dont treat me like a stranger treat me like a stranger na na hooo dont treat my like a stranger i buy you this i take you here and now you wanna act like it aint there i look to my side and you aint there...... ( and so on )

Renees ( Asheys mom ) POV

Oh thanks lord for giving me and my children such a wonderfull life i thought to myself, i heard a song so loud it could blast your ears right off it doesnt matter to me because , kids are you young they should have a good life while they're young , anyways i hope she saw all those clothes i bought for her, and i cant wait till she sees the surprise thats waiting outside for her , and the surprise after school...………......…...…...

Ashley's POV

The song finished and i was ready, i wore a long anchor necklace that was above my stomach, a second necklace not that long that has " i <3 2 dance & karate" written on it , yes i do take karate and dance , and i was wearing another necklace that was a little short that says " BFF " my other friends Amanda Todd, Tracie Gojmerac, Lilly Kelp, and Johanna ( jojo for short) Joyce , all have the same one its for our friendship its like a friendship necklace, well it is.
I was also wearing 10 different kinds of bracelets on my right arm ( i love bracelets!!!!!! ) and last but not least i put my hair in a fish braid ( im very good with hair ).
After i turned of my dock grabbed my iphone put it in my back pocket, i also grabbed my wallet nd was heading down the stairs.

(A/N) what do you think so far should i continue or no? tell me watch you think oh and i dont mind about the hate anyways i will be starting a new book soon about a girl and she works at a very very huge and rich restaurant like the one you see in movies and she bumps into one direction in the restaurant , well not bumped but she has friends that work in the restaurant with her and all of them including her are so wierd and funny , they decide to play truth and dare and well....… you have to read to figure out it will be out in like 2 days so yeah favourite comment and like an tell me what you think about my writing. PS i am not a really good writer so yeah.
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