A Dream Come true

I dont really know how to write a little whats it about thing but here it goes.
also everything in this fan fic isnt true like the amanda todd thing is true but i dont know about her having a friend named Ashley so yeah here it goes for real lol.
I woke up was that all what was gonna happen? is it gonna happen?
was that all.....
A dream come true...
or more like a nightmare.


2. A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still Ashleys POV/////

As i was heading down the stairs, I started to humm a song that me and my besties wrote its called best friends forever ( its actually by a girl band named KSM but what evs).
I was half way down the stairs when i smelt the sweet smell of the pancakes fill the air " mmmmhhhhh smells good muh" I happily talk shouted " Awww sweetie thanks " she replied in her normal cheery voice.
When I finished humming best friends forever, I was at the bottom stairs " Good Morning Mummzy" i greeted my mom with " Good Morning Hun Bun" my mom said bach with a smile on her face, " aww muh you havent called me Hunbun since yesterday thats so sweet " i joked around with her ending it with a laugh.
Hunbun is a nickname only my family calls me and Ash is a nickname my besties call me , yeah its a boys name but whatevs i like it, as my trail of thoughts ended i sat down on the table and started eating my pancakes " umm.. muh did you turn off the pool cleaner" i asked " oh no oh thanks for reminding my honey" my mom replied back i had a smile on my face " your welcome ".
I then was half way done eating 6 whole yummy,delicous pancakes.
Mom came back, she had a grin on her face i know that face " Mom what did you get me im your daughter I know that face" i said smiling " well nothing big just .............. ONE DIRECTIONS NEW SINGLE LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG" my mom said handing me the new single " OMG THANK YOU MOMMY" i screamed running to hug her and kiss her cheek " thank you soo much " i said " aww it was nothing hun bun" my mom said back, my mom is the BEST mom in the entire world you could EVER have " hey mom did i ever tell you how much i love you" i said happily " well of couse you did honey" my mom teased me " good cause im not reapeting it again " i teased her back.
I cheched my clock " muh i have to go i will be late for school" i said while grabbing my huge school purse/bag " wait sweetie I have A SURPRISE for you" my mom said quikly " oh muh you didnt need to" i said actually excited!!!!, as i was falling my mom to the garage she opend the door, and there stood a ........…............ PURPLE MERCEDES BENZ!!! " OMG MUH IS THIS MINE I DONT EVEN KNOW PURPLE MERCEDES EXISTED OMGG THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!" i shouted soo happy that im even in a good mood to lick a fat mans sweaty arm pit,( eeewww) " honey its for you and yes they do exist so now go to school in your new RIDE your gonna be late " omg its a good thing i just got my drivers license" i say feeling relieved " bye muh love you " i hugged her and ran into my new ride " wait hun heres the keys" she said taking the keys out of her pocket and handing it to me " and bye sweetie" my mom said " bye mom love you too" i replied feeling excited to start the engine and go on my way to school.
So i did , i turned on the engine my mummzy opened the garage doors and i pushed on the wheel and was heading my way to school in my new PURPLE MERCEDES BENZ!!!!!!!!
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