Adopted by one direction

Hi im anna and Iive in an orphanage because my father used to abuse me after he killed my mom and rape me but I killed him by accident when I found his shotgun by the by the bed. I love One Direction they are my escape. I have two best friends. Their names are Bridgett, and Kayla and they are just like me. Their dad abused and raped them, but their mom stood there and let it happen. By the way they are sisters. One normal day at the orphanage turned into me, Kayla, and Bridgett getting adopted by our fave band and getting kind moms and dads and aunts and uncles. We are shy and quiet but spontanious when you get to know us.(this is my first fanfic so leave comments to what you think I should do to improve please tanks loves ;) oh and dani and liam are still together I love them oh and this isnt a love story if u want a family love story and they r gonna be real parents to them.)


4. Meeting our new mommies part 2 of 3: Anna

(Short A/N when I do this part chap. they are gonna be in the girls P.O.V oh and P.S the girls are all 12 Thanks :)  Now to the chapter)

My Daddy or Louis put me on his back and ran me down the hall and we stopped at these 2 big long doors. I took a big breath and walked in with louis holding my hand.

"Eleanor, I have our daughter" Lou yelled. I loved when he called me that I feel all tingly inside.

About a minute later a girl that looked about 21 with long brown hair and blue eyes came out. She ran at me and hugged me and I notice something wet on my shirt. I then realized she was crying.

"It's ok mommy" I comforted her

"You called me mommy" said my mommy

" Yea that's what you are and you" I pointed at Dad " You are my daddy so come here and hug me and mommy" I said bluntly

We hugged and talked and turns out me and my new mom are just alike. We both like modeling and music and me and dad both love carrots. I just have one word to sum up my new life. AWESOME!!!! :)




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