Adopted by one direction

Hi im anna and Iive in an orphanage because my father used to abuse me after he killed my mom and rape me but I killed him by accident when I found his shotgun by the by the bed. I love One Direction they are my escape. I have two best friends. Their names are Bridgett, and Kayla and they are just like me. Their dad abused and raped them, but their mom stood there and let it happen. By the way they are sisters. One normal day at the orphanage turned into me, Kayla, and Bridgett getting adopted by our fave band and getting kind moms and dads and aunts and uncles. We are shy and quiet but spontanious when you get to know us.(this is my first fanfic so leave comments to what you think I should do to improve please tanks loves ;) oh and dani and liam are still together I love them oh and this isnt a love story if u want a family love story and they r gonna be real parents to them.)


5. A/N

I'm so sorry but I can't update sex toy anymore some skitch reported me and took it off find the person and get at em not me I'm sorry
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