Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


4. Twitter=My Life


“I’m really sorry about this” Liam kept apologising as the car we were now all in was being attacked by screaming fans “I honestly don’t know how they know it’s us in here, the windows are blacked out”

“Paul’s sat in the front” I said simply

“Excuse me?” Liam asked, confused by my statement

“Oh come on, I’m one of your biggest fans. All fans know what Paul looks like, hell we all love him. And we’re not stupid, wherever he goes you go, if Pauls around then you guys aren’t far behind him” how did they not know that? Honestly.

“New plans guys, it’s not safe for you to go to Nandos anymore, you’re gonna have to go back to the hotel for lunch” Paul said as he popped his head round the back of the car from the front passenger seat

“Oh right...” Liam said, concern still furrowed in his eyebrows “Right okay well when we get there we’re just going to have to leg it”

In all honesty I feel sorry for these boys, they can’t even travel around London without a mob of girls following them, that must be so hard on them...

“That’s fine” Liss said, she could easily adjust to this lifestyle I thought to myself, she was born to have the attention on her. On the other hand, Meg was sat in the corner of the car with Harry’s arm around her shoulder as her claustrophobia set in

“I..I..I’ll be okay” she managed to say through short gasps of breath

“You’ll be ok, I’ll be next to you all the way I promise” Harry whispered into her ear. I turned to face Niall, knowing all too well about his phobia of massive crowds, he looked worried.

“Niall it’ll be ok” I said, a fake smile spread across my lips, to be honest even I was freaking out a little. He barely even responded to me so I placed my hand on his and nudged him a little, when he eventually turned to face me

“I’m sorry” he said, looking majorly disappointed in himself. I just gave him a ‘what are you on about’ look which he clearly understood as he started again “for getting you into this, it’s not fair” I couldn’t help but laugh in his face

“Niall I’m a big girl, I’m going to be fine! And plus, it’s not like I’m going to be on my own out there. I trust you lot” he looked immediately more at ease

“Just stay close to me okay?”

“Course I will, I’ve waited what, like 2 years to meet you? You really think you can get rid of me that easily?” I winked at him as I giggled nervously, coming across a lot more confident than I actually was


“Ready guys?” Paul said about to open the door, we all just nodded as we could barely hear each other over the screams from just outside the car. He handed hotel room keys out and then hopped out of the car. With one swift movement Niall had grabbed my hand and was yanking me out and through the crowds of people who were towering above me, yeah, I’m really quite short. I could hear all sorts of different things, from ‘I love you’ to ‘who’s that bitch and what’s she doing with him’ but I guess you gotta take these things lightly, I’d be confused too if I were in their position

“Are you ok?” Niall said after we finally got inside “I’m sorry about-“

“Niall save it” I laughed, brushing the vulgar comments off my shoulder as I rubbed my wrist that was now red from his tight grip “They don’t know any better” He must have seen me rubbing my wrist as he apologised and encased me in a long and tight hug. When he let go I knew all too well what to say to change the subject...”Food?” I questioned. His face lit up and laughed

“You know me too well Jess”

“I have twitter for a reason y’know” I said, blissfully unaware of the still screaming girls and how much of a stalker I may have just sounded

Niall’s P.O.V

Everyone else had already made themselves comfortable on the sofas and chairs in who I’m guessing was Harry’s room, due to the blazers and car keys thrown across the table. Zayn and Louis were sat next to each other leafing through the room service already, Meg and Harry were sat cosily in the corner talking to each other quietly and Liam and Liss were sat opposite each other on the floor, Liss’ head thrown back with laughter. How cute, I thought to myself as I took my space on the floor to the other side of Liam, Jess eventually joined me after she took her jacket and shoes off. It wasn’t til then I realised what she was wearing, a dusty green dress with tights. Her hair was split in the middle with dark brown loose curls falling over her shoulders which framed her face, her piercing blue eyes stood out like anything, how perfect could you even get...


There was a few knocks at the door “I presume that’s the Room Service we ordered” Harry mumbled

“I’ll get it” Jess said as she smiled at me and got up, her voice was so sweet and innocent. A few seconds later I heard a squeal. I bolted up and to the door as fast as I could have to see Jess being questioned by journalists and paparazzi

“C’mon Jess, leave her alone” I said angrily as I shut the door in their faces. Jess looked completely stunned and her olive coloured skin had now gone ghostly pale

“I’m sorry” she muttered as she collapsed into my hug

“What? Jess that wasn’t your fault” I sighed “You weren’t to know”

“But what are they going to say? I mean, they’re gonna presume that I-“

“Jess?” I said, silencing her as her teary eyes looked up to meet mine “we’ll deal with it, it’s fine” I smiled reassuringly. This was all my fault.

“What the hell was that about” Harry said angrily

“Harry it’s fine” I said warningly as Jess was still sobbing in my arms “It was the pap, that’s all”

“Oh” he replied in a considerably lighter and more understandable tone

“C’mon Jess, let’s go sit with the others yeah?” She nodded, bless her heart


“That was some pretty damn good pizza” Liss said licking her fingers “and I’ve had my fair share of pizza!” Jess giggled, relieved to see her happy again

“Liss works in Pizza Express back in Torquay” she explained to the rest of us “Torquay’s in Devon” she added, probably answering Louis’ dumbfounded look, his lack of geography skills are appalling.

“Guys its 3pm” Zayn said, getting his laptop out “Twitcam time”

“Oh yeah” I said, jumping up onto him “we kinda promised the fans we’d do one today, is that alright? It’ll be quick I promise” I smiled at the girls who looked all too happy about this who were now all huddled on one single armchair together

@NiallOfficial: Nearly time now guys, just getting ready for the Twitcam, who’ll be watching?

I heard a cute little giggle from the corner of the room as I checked my mentions

@Jess_Moore: Count me in @NiallOfficial!

@NiallOfficial well I’d hope so babe! Enjoy :) x


“Well that’s all we’ve got time for really, sorry!” I was just about to sign off when I heard a massive bang and a scream come from the girls’ direction, I looked up to see Jess now laughing hysterically on the floor after being pushed off the chair by Meg. Suddenly the Twitcam comments had exploded into ‘who was that’ and ‘who are the secret girls’. We all paused, looking at each other, then almost simultaneously nodded.

“Okay so you’ve all probably seen the rumours speculating on Sugarscape” Louis started, sounding as casual as ever “and it’s true, today we’ve got three lucky fans here with us having lunch” Louis grinned, I was still getting used to this whole Twitcam thing

“You wanna see them?” Liam said, in response to all of the comments “c’mon then girls” he said getting up and dragging Liss into the limelight. To put it simply, she was a natural, considering she was now talking to approximately 50,000 people online. Meg was next on, voluntarily getting up herself as Harry beckoned her over. I best go get Jess off the floor then...

“Niall don’t you are put me on there” she said, trying to look as scary and threatening as possible, failing miserably “NIALL PUT ME DOWN YOU POO” she screamed as I picked her up like a baby.

“This is Jess guys” I said grinning and sticking my tongue out at her, she waved awkwardly towards the camera and she managed a little ‘hi’. She was so shy bless her...

I held my breath a little when Zayn went to scroll through the comments, praying to God that there wouldn’t be anything bad on there. To my surprise, and I think Jess saw them too, the comments were all saying how we would make a cute couple. I smiled, completely amused by this, as I looked to Jess. Probably smiling like an idiot, but I really didn’t care. I agreed 100%

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