Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


3. Perfection With A Capital 'P'


I eventually turned away from the direction the boys left in to face Meg and Liss. They were giving me that look. You know the look your friends give you when a really hot guy passes you in the street and he gives you the nod? Yep. That one.

“Come off it guys” I sighed, going to sit down on the sofa that was over in the corner of the room, helping myself to a cup of coffee from the machine “Niall does not fancy me” I stated “And besides, I have a boyfriend, your brother in fact”

“My brother or not” Meg said so matter of factly “Niall Horan fancies the pants off of you” she sang the last bit. Damn her ability to sing. I decided to ignore her words; it can’t be true can it? I sipped my coffee nervously awaiting the rest of the day…


“Okay this is stupid, we’ve been sat here for the past half an hour waiting for them to finish” I said “and I need to pee. I’ll see you in a sec guys, text me if they come out whilst I’m away!”

“Yeah sure thing” Liss replied, way too indulged in her phone, most likely on twitter. I grabbed my small bag off the sofa and set off to the toilets, wherever they may be anyway.


Where the hell am I, I thought to myself. I’m so stupid, why didn’t I just ask someone where the toilets are? No, I’m clearly not that clever. I must have turned around hundreds of corners by now, up and down a few sets of stairs too. I was now fed up, and had a bladder that felt like it was about to implode. I scrolled through my contacts to find Liss and was about to press the call button when I heard some footsteps and whistling. Oh praise the lord; I wasn’t going to die here after all.

“I don’t know do I?” Niall’s strong accent hit me like a tonne of bricks “What am I supposed to do? I don’t even know the girl…yes…mhmmm” he was clearly on the phone as I could only hear one side of the conversation. Either that or he was talking to himself…”Yeah well I’ll catch ya later ok? Yeah, bye” he put the phone down just as he was coming round the corner, knocking me over in his way.

“Ow” I muttered under my breath, he could have at least looked where he was going. I was about to say something when his hand appeared in front of mine, I looked up to see his face, his beautiful face, not far from mine wearing an apologetic smile

“Sorry! I didn’t see ya there” he said, lifting me to my feet

“Oh it’s okay” I smiled in return, smoothing out my dress and dusting it off

“What’re you doing round here anyway?” he said, clearly confused by my sudden appearance

“Urm, well, I was looking for the toilets and I got completely lost. In all seriousness I thought I was going to die here” He obviously laughed at this. I didn’t. I was being deadly serious. Not that I minded of course, because his laugh may have just completed my life.

“Oh” he said eventually, probably just relieved that I wasn’t actually stalking him around this place “I’ll show you” he smiled, gesturing the way with his hand


After finally relieving myself after what felt like hours of waiting and reapplying some much needed lip gloss, I returned to Meg and Liss who were now also with Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Lou.

“So, c’mon girls, spill the beans” Harry started with a big, overly confident grin on his face “you’re fans. You gotta have a favourite out of us” Suddenly the rest of the boys were oh so intrigued into the new conversation topic as well. Surprise surprise.

“Well I don’t really have a favourite” Meg said first, gazing longingly into Harry’s eyes

“Oh come off it Meg” Liss said “we all know you’re a massive Curly worshipper” I laughed as Meg turned the deepest shade of scarlet possible. Harry’s grin now became about 10 times bigger, not that I thought that was physically possible

“I don’t know what you’re laughing at Jess” Meg gave me a ‘I’ll get you later’ look as she spoke “we both know too well that Niall is your knight in shining armour” she cooed as she finished speaking “yes I have read your diary” Oh crap. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see all five of the boys stood there, way too amused at this situation. If I asked nicely, do you reckon the ground would swallow me up whole?

“Yeah, well,” I started; I had no decent come back to this. Subject change? I think so. “Liss has a pillow that has ‘Mrs Payne’ written all over it!”

“AH HELL NO, YOU DID NOT JUST-” Liss started as I interrupted

“Oh but I did” I said, smug as ever.

I could now barely even bring myself to look at Niall, how embarrassing. Liam showed us the way out of the door as we were off out to get some lunch, I turned around to walk out the door, but I was stopped abruptly by the blonde angel who was stood more or less right in front of me

“You ok?” I asked, he’s a bit of a weird child I thought, but I’m hardly one to speak...

“I’m perfect” he answered, the cutest smile slapped across his face, a twinkle in his seemingly familiar eyes

“Yeah you are” I sighed, completely lost in his gaze “flip, did I really just say that?” I asked, I’m so goddamn stupid

“Yeah seems so” he said smiling even more, scratching the back of his head with his hand as he looked to the floor for a second, then back up to meet my eyes “Thank you though” he said simply, well at least he took it as a compliment I guess... “we best catch up to the others, they’re already outside” I sighed, really didn’t want to leave that moment, but I guess he was right. They’d be wondering where we got off to...

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