Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


5. On Like Donkey Kong

Niall’s P.O.V.

“It’s 6 now boys” Paul said, letting himself into the room where we were all sat watching Toy Story, Liam’s choice, obviously. “The girls best be off, lovely to meet you” he said, and with that, he left again. I wish they didn’t have to go, I thought, as Jess wriggled out from underneath the blanket next to me and stretched. Within minutes everyone was up, had their shoes on and were ready to go. I did my round of hugs, Meg and Liss first, and then Jess. I held her for as long as I possibly could, I could feel her flushed cheeks on my shoulder and her eyelashes fluttering against my cheek.

“It was lovely meeting you all” Louis finally said, ever the gentleman, as they left the room and shut the door behind them...

Liss’ P.O.V.

“What a day...” Jess sighed, collapsing onto the couch back in our apartment

“I HAVE HARRY FRIGGIN STYLES’ PHONE NUMBER” Meg beamed, more than I’ve ever seen her smile as she joined Jess on the sofa, clutching on to her phone like it was her only lifeline

“And I got Liam’s” I said dreamily, thinking about just how perfect our day had been, I threw my keys down and sat on the floor in front of the sofa. I joined Meg as she looked expectantly at Jess

“What is it now?” she sighed looking at us in reply

“So, when shall we be expecting little Niall and Jess babies running around?” I mocked, so very unsubtly

“I didn’t even get his phone number.” there was nothing more that needed to be said really “so considering that, never” Meg was about to say something when my ringtone started going off...

“Urm Jess?”


“Why are you ringing me?” she looked utterly confused as I held my phone up to reveal her caller ID

“Oh my phone’s been doing that a lot recently, it just randomly calls people” she said, going to fish her phone out of her jacket pocket. Meg sat there silently trying not to laugh as she shot her a glare

“Well I may have ‘accidentally’ left your phone in Harry’s room” she said, as innocently as possible

“Megan Whitehall, you WHAT?!” she practically screamed

“Calm it Kermit,” Meg said as I laughed, not giving a care as to Jess’ anger “I did you a favour, now you’re gonna have to go and see lover boy again...on your birthday...which is tomorrow may I remind you” Eventually it sank in to Jess what she said as she took a massive breath in, what a saint.

*We’ve got a bit of love hate, take me to the edge then you hit the brakes...*

“It’s you again! Guys c’mon I’ll put it on speaker” I said, leaping in between them on the sofa

“Urm, hi Alyssia” a rather tired sounding Harry spoke, although that could just be his normal voice...

“Hey Harry”

“How’d you know it’s me? Urm yeah, well anyway, Jess left her phone here and urm I’m guessing she’ll need it back”

“I have my ways Curly” I laughed “and yeah, well we’re doing birthday celebrations tomorrow so we can pick it up sometime tomorrow?”

“Birthday celebrations?” I distinctly heard Niall in the background

“Oh did we not say? It’s Jess’ 18th tomorrow” I held my phone closely to my ear so that I could try and decipher the small mumbles coming from the boys’ end of the phone

“In that case, meet us at our hotel at 12, we’ll eat then take you out ok?” Liam responded, I felt my cheeks blush just at the sound of his voice

“Okay Liam!” I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear me smile down the phone I was grinning that bad

“See you lovelies tomorrow then! Bye, love ya!” And with that, he hung up.

“Meg. YOU ARE A FRICKIN’ GENIUS” Jess and I yelled as we piled on top of her, probably suffocating her with laughter. “Hold up” Jess paused “I’m spending my 18th birthday, with One Direction? I’m not dreaming am I? Like, seriously?”

“You best believe it babycakes!” Meg grinned from where she was being sat on by myself

Jess’ P.O.V.

“OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!! GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP YOU’RE 18 TODAAAYY” I sat up and looked past Liss and Meg who were now hugging me like there was no tomorrow, it was 8am, not a bad amount of sleep. More than I’d got in a while anyway...

“Did you sleep well?” Liss asked, a smug grin on her face

“Urm, yeah thanks, I dreamt that-“

“Oh shush no one cares” cheers Meg “open my present first!” she squealed, shoving a black box and red envelope onto my lap. She just grinned her head off at me, still sitting cross legged on my bed. I opened the envelope to reveal an ‘I heart JLS’ birthday card and an Aston condom. To set things straight - apologies to all their fans - we hate GayLS, with a passion, it’s an inside joke...

I carefully undid the red ribbon that held the box together and slipped off the lid to reveal the most beautiful dress possibly ever

“I thought you could wear it tonight” Meg said, it was obviously clear that I loved it as I stood up on my bed and held it up to my body. It was black, lacey and strapless; it was tight at the top and then went out at my waist, with a blue petticoat type thing underneath the black skirt that cut off just above my knees

“Ohmygosh Megan I love it so so much!” My eyes now teary as I flopped back onto my bed to give her a massive bear hug. Why the hell was I so emotional at the moment?! “This is going to be - and already is - the best birthday ever”

“Stop it you’re gonna make me cry as well!” Liss hit me playfully on the arm “and hey, you still need to open my present!” I was now handed another black box, this one considerably smaller but no doubt just as amazing as the dress. My hands now trembling, I pulled at the top of the box to remove the lid

“Holy crap Liss” I was completely gobsmacked. Lying on a bed of satin was the most intricately designed silver locket that I’ve ever layed my eyes on, attached to a delicate matching silver chain. Now completely speechless towards my two overly generous best friends, I shoved the small box in Liss’ direction so that she could put it on me. After fastening the small clasp, I looked down at the locket that rested perfectly over my prominent collar bone

“It’s empty at the moment” Liss sobbed, the tears now forming in her eyes too “but I figured you could get a picture of us three from tonight in it”

“Yes of course I will!” I was now full on crying, tears streaming down my face as us three sat there on my bed in a massive hug. We must have looked like someone had just died with the amount we were crying.


Before we knew it, it was half ten and we had to leave in just over an hour to go meet the boys, y’know, an average day really...

What on earth was I supposed to wear? I thought to myself after having been stood in front of my open suitcase for the past 10 minutes. Something casual, obviously. Converse? Yeah why not.

“HURRY UP WE’RE GONNA BE LATE” Liss screamed down the hall way

“Oh calm down we were meant to be there 10 minutes ago, doesn’t really matter now does it” I sighed, finally emerging from my room after curling my hair. I had finally decided on my white converse, purple skinnies and a knitted black and white jumper - it was flippin’ freezing.

*We’ve got a bit of love hate, take me to the...*

Liss’ phone rang for the billionth time, when I eventually gave in and answered it

“What’s up Liss?” Niall’s accent struck me

“Hey Niall, it’s Jess” I laughed, bless him

“Oh hey Jess! Where are you?”

“Literally two seconds away, don’t worry, we haven’t ditched you! We had a, shall I say, wardrobe malfunction” he was seemingly unamused at this

“What is it with girls and clothes?”

“Oh shush you! We can’t all look perfect 24/7 y’know!” I giggled “We’ll see you in a sec, and hey, you best not have messed with my phone!”

“Me? Mess with your phone? Course not! See ya J” I hung up, I was just on the phone with Niall Horan.


Yet again there were a few fans outside the hotel, no way near as many as yesterday though. We could see the boys through the lobby window as we pulled up in Liss’ car; they made their way out as we emerged from her small black mini cooper.

“There’s the birthday girl!” They all came bounding over to me, how overwhelming. They all looked even more perfect and sexy then I had remembered, not that I was complaining of course. They all just stood there, grinning away at me, I felt like I had to make some sort of speech

“Hugs all round?” I said, shrugging my shoulders and opening my arms out wide. With one swift movement I had five sexy motherfuckers hugging me. Best birthday ever.

“Okay so after we heard it was gonna be your 18th, we may have all chipped in, and with a little guidance from Liss and Meg got you a present?” Zayn grinned

“You really didn’t have to do that” I said, feeling like I was going to cry. Again.

“Yes but it’s a bit late for that isn’t it, so I suggest you open it” Zayn said, looking more excited than I probably was. Yet again, I had a small gift wrapped present shoved in my face, forcing me to take it out of Zayn’s hands. I opened the bag and looked down into it to see a small white box labelled ‘Links of London’

“You didn’t did you?” I looked up, utterly speechless as I dove into the bag and picked up the box. On opening it, I gazed my eyes upon a delicately patterned blue and silver bracelet with a tiny ballet figure charm on it

“We thought the colour would match your eyes” Niall smiled at me

“Well, Niall did anyway” Louis said, nudging Niall in the ribs as he blushed. He was so cute, and thoughtful

“Here let me” Niall said as he took the box out of my hands, picked up my wrist and put the bracelet on me. All the time I was watching him carefully, looking into his eyes. As his gaze met mine, he was still holding onto my hand. Unable to find my voice, I mouthed a ‘thank you’ at him. He just continued to smile, the way that he does in all of the pictures I see on twitter every day. How was this even happening? And to someone as ordinary as me?

“Oh and I hate to ruin the moment” Louis tapped me on the shoulder as I spun round to face him “but your phones been going off all morning...your mum and someone called Jack?”

“Oh flip!” I said, snapping out of my haze at the mention of Jack’s name “I best go phone them back, I won’t be long”

Yet again we found ourselves all huddled in the back of the black car, this time driven by Paul. I was sat between Meg and Liss, telling the boys about our lives and where we come from, not that it’s a very interesting story. I phased out at the part where Liss started talking about her job and switched my attention to my phone. Firstly I checked my facebook to find numerous happy birthday messages from my friends, nothing less than I expected really. Twitter however, now that was a whole other story. I find myself having 500+ more followers than I did just 24 hours ago and what seemed like an endless mentions list. What even was this? There were goodness knows how many ‘I hate you, you stuck up bitch’ tweets, classy. A few encouraging ‘aww you’re so lucky! Happy for you’ tweets and way too many ‘are the rumours true’. Then there was one tweet that clarified why I was getting so many tweets, Niall had tagged me in a tweet of himself and me at Harry’s apartment last night. Right...

@Jess_Moore: hey guys, ok, just to clarify...I’m not with @NiallOfficial! I’m just an overly lucky fan who’s met the boys, nothing more!

Just after putting my phone away I felt another buzz, I swear if one more person calls me a bitch on my birthday I’ll kick off.

@NiallOfficial: @Jess_Moore you may not be mine but you are looking beautiful today! Happy 18th Birthday!!!

I focused in on Niall who was already looking at me, sat opposite me in the car. As I smiled I saw him breath out a sigh of relief, I just wanted to cuddle him to death.

@Jess_Moore: @NiallOfficial why thank you Mr Horan! May I say you’re looking rather handsome yourself! Thanks again for the present!

With this I tagged a picture of my wrist that was sporting the new addition to my jewellery collection. It truly is beautiful.

@NiallOfficial: @Jess_Moore you’re welcome! Now let’s go eat! I’m starving

@Jess_Moore: @NiallOfficial you’re always thinking about your stomach! I’ll race you?

@NiallOfficial: @Jess_Moore oh it’s on like donkey kong!

I giggled so much that everyone else in the car just gave me looks as if to say I was retarded, which I was, they just didn’t know that yet...

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