Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


6. Losing My Virginity...To Nandos


Niall’s P.O.V.

“I told you I’d beat you!” Jess exclaimed as she got through the door of Nandos, only just ahead of me. She turned round and stuck her tongue out as I wrapped my arms round her waist, picked her up and walked the few feet left to the table we had reserved. I placed her down gently on the padded leather seat that had a ‘18th birthday girl’ balloon attached to it, all whilst she was squealing for me to let her go, god she’s so cute...

We were then greeted by an overly cheery waiter, gotta love the Nandos staff.

“Has sir ever been to Nandos before?” he questioned, gesturing to myself whilst placing the menus down in front of each of the 8 seats, nodding towards Jess who was still in a heap of laughter, the others were still slowly making their way out of the car and in through the double doors.

“Well actually” I replied smugly as I pulled my Nandos black card out of my wallet

“Oh very well then sir, if you need me just come give me a shout” he smiled as he left

“So Mr Horan, what food would you recommend to a Nandos virgin such as myself?” Jess had finally managed to compose herself and was now looking at the menu with a confused expression clouding her perfectly shaped eyebrows. Hold up, did she just say Nandos virgin?

“Excuse me? You haven’t been to Nandos before?” now in utter disbelief

“No?” all three of the girls were now looking at me innocently “we don’t have a Nandos near where we live” Jess said, trying her best to pull a sad face

“How could you not?! Oh deary me” Liam laughed shaking his head, clearly in as much shock as I was right about now

“You like chicken?” they all nodded “Good cause it’s all chicken! Well in this case, we best order a bit of everything...I got all expenses covered” I grinned in Jess’ general direction as she smiled at me as angelic as ever

Jess’ P.O.V.

“What’s this Curly?” Meg asked Harry, pointing towards yet another style of marinated chicken. It’s a good thing I love chicken...

“Now this, is peri peri” he replied, holding a spoonful of it out for her to taste

“Ohh that’s good! What exactly is it though?” I was now giving Liss the ‘you know what to do next’ look

“Well I don’t actually know but-“

“Peri peri is a mixture of aramatic spices blended together by the tears of portugese widows who lost their husbands at sea” Me and Liss chorused, erupting into laughter as soon as we finished speaking in unison. Silence. I looked around the table to now see 5 rather concerned faces looking in our general direction; Meg was just sat there with her head in her hands, as embarrassed as ever. “We’re weird okay?” I smiled; continuing to eat what little food was left on my plate, completely unphased by the matter.

“Have you guys not heard of Jack Whitehall or something? Nice quoting their J!” Liss grinned as I gave her a hand tingling high 5, gosh does that girl slap hard!

“Oh right, yeah, Jack Whitehall the comedian? I saw him live not too long ago now” Niall said, trying to join in with the conversation at hand “you guys like him too then?”

“Like him? Not really. An annoying older brother more like” Meg replied, sighing deeply

“Older brother?” Niall asked

“Yes..?” Meg sounded so disdained by this

“We can quote him word for word” Liss grinned at me as she said so “You like him too don’t you J?” she finished, winking at me

“Oh shush you!” I replied, half laughing whilst my cheeks flushed red...Niall just looked at me as if he was missing something in the context of that wink. I decided to ignore it, well I couldn’t just bring up that I’m dating Jack Whitehall could I? Looking back on things though, maybe I should have dropped it into conversation at some point...


“That was so good!” I said, grinning like the retard I am “thank you so much Niall!” I now found myself with my arms wrapped tightly round his waist as he stroked my hair. Damn, he smelt good

“You’re welcome birthday girl” he said smiling, now holding me out at arm’s length, looking at me amusingly

“What?” I asked, now panicking that I had some food or something smeared all across my face - what can I say, I’m a messy eater - “what is it?” I asked again when he didn’t respond

“Oh nothing, you’re just really pretty, you know that right?” It’s one thing when a guy says your pretty, but it’s another when your idol says it, to your face.

“Oh, urm, thanks?” I laughed nervously, and then lightly tapping his nose I added “you’re rather handsome yourself!” He was chuckling too now, his laugh is so infectious...


“So do you girls want to hang round mine before we go out later tonight?” Harry asked “my rooms open to guests”

“Don’t be silly Styles” I said, practically horrified at the thought “you really think I’m going out clubbing in jeans? I think not.”

“What’s wrong with jeans?” Niall asked me, I could feel his breath lingering on my neck, he is just so beautiful and...jesus Jess snap out of it.

“Oh trust me, when you see her tonight you’ll be more than happy she got changed” Meg laughed, dragging me away from Niall and in what I’m presuming was the direction of our rented apartment as the boys started climbing into the car.

“We’ll pick you up at 9 then, okay?” Liam suggested, everyone nodded in approval and then we split our separate ways

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