Jessica Moore finds herself in any girls dream position...meeting One Direction.

For her 18th birthday her two best friends Alyssia and Megan arrange a special day out, but when things go from bad to worse, what will she decide? What seems like the perfect position may backfire as easily as it all started...


2. Beyond Embarrassed

 I was the first to leap into the back of Liss’ car, Meg pushing me from behind so I fell in.

“You guys better not break my new car!” Liss stated

“No ma’am” Meg and I chorused, before bursting into fits of laughter

“Let’s go then shall we!” This was going to be one hell of a good birthday I thought to myself. Naturally, we listened to One Direction’s Up All Night album for the remaining two hours of the journey.

What felt like years later, and an eternity of terrible singing on my part, we arrived at our home for the next week or so. An unreasonably priced apartment for 4, down Madisons Avenue. Central London.

The interior of the apartment was…simple. Very neat and tidy. Something it obviously wasn’t going to stay for very long if we had anything to do with it because, to put it simply, tidy isn’t in my vocabulary…


“Goddamit Liss!” I whined “It is my birthday soon…”

“Yeah well without my dad organising this none of us would be here!” She stuck her tongue out at me, she did have a point. Her dad knew anyone and everyone important I swear, but of course none of us actually knew what he did for a living. Whatever it was, I sure as hell wanted to do it too.

After eventually settling in, we went out for some serious shopping. I mean, new clothes were definitely in order for meeting One Direction. That still sounded so surreal, but I don’t think it’s really going to sink in until they’re stood right in front of me going “I’m Liam, I’m Zayn, I’m Harry, I’m Niall and I’m Louis. And we are One Direction” Own up, you read that in their voices didn’t you?


So we did what every dedicated One Direction fan does. The 1D tour of London. First to Milkshake City, then off to the enormous Disney shop on Oxford Street, Nandos for lunch, Footlocker and eventually to the place where it all began. Wembley Arena.

I did manage to find the perfect dress and shoes, after trailing around shops for endless hours, dragging a whining Meg and Liss around behind me – clearly not keen shoppers.


“Unless you wanna be looking like zombies in the morning I suggest we go to bed now, we gotta be there for 11” Meg said through a massive yawn, unfurling herself from her little nest in the corner of the sofa where we were sat watching the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. We did our rounds of ‘nights’ and hugs and headed off in our separate ways to sleep. Not that I was going to get much of it…


Oh. My. God. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. One Di-f*cking-rection are just on the other side of these walls. These shabby, dirty, cobweb covered walls…

“Urrrrm Liss..?”

“Yes?” she beamed at me, a little twinkle in her eye

“Are you sure we’re meeting the one direction, not the crappy American version? This sure as hell doesn’t look like a very important or official building” I turned to look at Meg for some reassurance, when I followed her eye line and saw what she was gawping at.

“OH MY GOD IT’S PAUL!!” she yelled, hurtling down the driveway towards him and practically leaping onto him encasing him in a hug – he looked seriously awkward whilst she ranted on about how it’s “actually him” and that she “couldn’t believe it”

“Hello ladies” he smiled, half on edge because of Meg who we had only just managed to get to shut up “I’ll just take you inside and fetch the boys”

“Still got doubts?” Liss winked at me, elbowing me hard in the stomach

“Oh shut up!” I sighed over my shoulder, I was the first out of us three to follow Paul (yes, Paul Higgins) into what looked like a gigantic warehouse.

“So, urm, Paul?” I hesitated…am I even allowed to talk to him? Oh well, bit late for that now…

“Yes” he sighed, probably thinking something along the lines of ‘bloody hell, not another fan girl’

“What’s it like to work with them?”

“Oh,” he paused, then grinned “they’re a bundle of joy” he added sarcastically, actually smiling for once. I don’t even know why, but I found that ridiculously hilarious and couldn’t muster up any words through my outbursts of laughter. This is great Jess, I thought to myself, carry on like this and everyone’s going to think you’re a freak.


“Holy sh*t” I managed to squeak out, clearly a lot louder than I intended though as One Direction were now stood before us, laughing at my phase of idiocy.

“Hi girls” Louis was the first to speak. Just going to say, they are all as perfect, if not better, than people who have met them say they are. Louis was sporting his signature grin as he greeted us, stood slightly in front of the rest of the boys.

“Omg hi, omg it’s actually you” Meg was the next to speak, if you could actually class that as speaking. Completely dumbfounded by what was going on.

“Last time I checked, yeah it was” Harry laughed, now standing in front of her, his arms had somehow already made their way around Meg’s tiny waist as he hugged her. She looked like she was about to faint and burst into tears at any given moment, but was loving it nonetheless.

“How are you girls” Liam spoke, his amazingly gorgeous brown eyes glistening away in the light

“We’re perfect thanks Liam” Liss spoke, naturally the most confident out of us all “Hi, I’m Alyssia. This is Meg and that’s Jess” she finished, pointing us two out as she closed the small gap that was between herself and Liam. We all knew she loved him, way to make it obvious…

“And how are you guys?” I questioned, now finally having found my voice, even managed to muster up a smile

“I’m really good thanks Jess…it is Jess right?” Niall said. Niall Horan, owner of the world’s cutest accent, most brilliantly blue eyes and most dazzling grin.

“It’s Jessica, but Jess is what my friends call me, so feel free” I smiled, he knew my name. I gazed for what seemed like an eternity into his eyes, just grinning away. He barely even moved, looking like a perfectly sculpted statue of a frickin’ god.

“Vas happening?!” Zayn spoke as cheerily as ever, breaking what little ice and tension there was left in the group. I don’t even know why but I found myself creased up with laughter, again. Personally, I blame my lack of sleep. I was getting ‘what the hell are you doing’ and ‘control yourself’ looks from Meg and Liss but the boys just looked totally amused at my sudden outbursts

Out of the now teary corner of my eye I could see Zayn flashing a smile at Niall and nodding in my direction, saying something to him. The next thing I heard both shocked and silenced me even more

“She has the cutest laugh…” Niall started, clearly unaware that we could all fully hear him until he stopped talking. Everyone else fell utterly silent too. I had now blushed the colour of Louis’ red trousers and Niall looked just as embarrassed. Queue the laughter from everyone else…

“Haha, urm thanks Niall” I smiled, trying to cool my face down to return it to the normal colour

“Boys we need you in here” Paul popped his head around the corner, thank goodness for the subject change “you can finish off quickly and then you’re free for the day”

“Okay well if you guys make yourselves at home, we shouldn’t be too long” Liam smiled, already walking off in the direction of wherever it was Paul came from. The other four followed him in close pursuit; I could hear slight teasing and mimicking of Niall as they left...

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